ExpressAfrica the voice of Africans.

ExpressAfrica is an online social media, that helps to interconnect all Africans and share their culture, customs, belief, religion, language. This program has also a mission to register African known cultures, customs, languages, cultural heritages and known people in all Africa and the world. ExpressAfrica was launched on June, 2019. It is organized to give peoples the power to build community and access online stores across Africa and the world . ExpressAfrica is licensed under Ethiopian Intellectual property office.
African People should be heard and to have a voice. They have a lot of different cultures, languages, beliefs, religions that are not shared each other. They also have more or less similar heritages, amazing places that should be told to the world. Due to lack of organizers and less sound for it, they cannot interact and share what they have and announce it to the world. As we identify this (lack of organizers and less sound for it) as a one major problem, we decided to start and African social media called ExpressAfrica. Any one who is interested to join ExpressAfrica can join at any time with free of charge, share what they want to share and leave the membership at anytime they need.

We always encourages a responsible free expression of opinion.

"A free world doesn't mean a civilized world, for freedom without responsibility leads to more chaos than lack of freedom does." - Abhijit Naskar


You will love our services after you joined us. Let's share what we know each other. Many people are doing this right now at ExpressAfrica. Start sharing now. Never miss it!