Welcome to ExpressAfrica online monetization

This is Policy for Post for Money Program(PMP)

  • To be paid with money policy of ExpressAfrica, Your name, email or phone numbers shall not be false, your identity must be clear.

  • There are three ways to earn money with ExpressAfrica.They are Posts, Likes, Invitations.
  • The revenue per invitation is 1 birr. 1 Invitation = 1 Birr. This is effective only if the invited person is registered with ExpressAfrica. If you invite 1000 people and 1000 people registered, your revenue will be Birr 1000. No payment is made for invitations if invited people are not registered with ExpressAfrica.

  • There is no payment for posts having likes less than 20 i.e each post should atleast have 20 likes to be considered. No post likes less than 20 is considered for PMP

  • You cannot like or comment using an account created by fake email. Remember that your email is not verified doesn't mean that we cannot identify it. If we found likes from fake email, we will automatically suspend and deduct likes.

  • You can only make money using three most liked posts a day. You can only make money four days using most liked posts a week.

  • For a post with likes 20, the amount you can earn is 3.50 birr.
  • The revenue you can earn for 1 post, 100 likes and 15 comments is 23 Ethiopian Birr.

  • The revenue you can earn for 1 post, 300 and more likes and 40 comments is 60 Ethiopian Birr.

  • Another method of money making on ExpressAfrica is Simply posting something useful. You can earn from 10 Birr-25 Birr for 100 posts. This may vary according to our analytics. Sharing posts is one that reduce post value.

  • Post is valid for only two months and You cannot be paid for post number less than 100.

  • The payment method is only bank transfer

  • The payment is on the monthly basis unless emergency case happened and we can identify what happened.

  • The payment is only in Ethiopian BIRR.

  • The minimum payment amount you can request is 20 Birr. However, amount between 20-100 birr is paid only in mobile card form. For payments above 100 birr, bank transfer will be an option. No payment will be delivered less than minimum amount.

  • We will automatically suspend and disqualify if we found any fraud.

  • This system works only in Ethiopia and for Ethiopians unless stated.

  • Each posts are valid for 2 months only.No payments are made for posts,likes or comments more than 2 months

  • You will notified when this program is officially terminated.

  • NB, No calculations can be made for likes above or between the stated numbers, the payment will be reduced to the minimum standards. Eg. if you have 22 likes, you will be paid for 20 likes.