Before getting Steam Deck, you should know a little information

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The Steam platform is named after the digital game storefront used by everyone at Valve, allowing you to play the entire Steam library on your mobile device. This is a potential paradigm shift in the gaming world. In the past five years or so, Nintendo has monopolized the market for instant game console-quality games, while PC and console manufacturers have catered to the living room. I still like to play games on Steam, the account level is also very high, usually, I also pay attention to Fast Steam Level Service. You can buy Cheap Steam Level Up on MMOSO.

There are no two ways to play these games anywhere. This is a big deal. The following is what we know about the Steam platform. First, let's talk about its specifications. As Kotaku's Mike Fahey and Ethan Gach said, Steam Deck runs on an iterative version of the core technology that powers the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Valve worked with AMD to create a custom chip that runs a Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU. It will also have 16GB of RAM. Externally, there is a 7-inch screen, but it obviously does not output at 4K resolution. Instead, it will be equipped with a 1200 x 800-pixel display-that is an absolutely offensive 16:10 aspect ratio. According to Valve, the battery life can last 7 or 8 hours after being fully charged.

Like the flagship Switch, yes, the Steam Deck will be equipped with a dock that allows you to charge the device and connect it to an external display. Unlike the Switch, the docking station is not packaged with the console, and pricing information is still to be determined.

Valve stated that Steam Deck will support seamless cloud storage between PC and Pocket PC, which is tied to your account. Deck will also support other Steam account features, such as Steam chat and remote gaming. The Steam Deck itself has a touchpad and thumbstick, plus a typical four-sided button set and shoulder buttons. Most importantly, there is built-in gyroscope control.

The Steam Deck will offer three different pricing tiers, sorted by the amount of internal storage available for each model. The base tier with 64GB of internal storage is priced at US$400. The $530 middle tier is equipped with 256GB of storage space—the same on faster solid-state drives (SSD). The most expensive tier is priced at US$650 and is equipped with a 512GB SSD. Each model has a slot for compatibility with micro SD cards.

The Steam Deck is scheduled to be widely released in December 2021. Pre-orders also cost five dollars. Steam will start rolling out purchase invitations in December, and you can complete the transaction at that time. The five dollars you lost are included in the total cost. If you cancel after 30 days of booking, the fee will be refunded to your Steam wallet.

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