What is Special About the Design of the Adjustable Desk

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What is Special About the Design of the Adjustable Desk

As people sit and work for longer and longer hours, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. People start to try to sit and stand alternately, and stand up desk manufacturer appear.

Adjustable desk is a kind of adjustable desk, which is widely promoted and used in modern office places. The form of lifting is mainly through adjusting the height of the desktop to meet the needs of people of different heights. A table that can be raised and lowered by a adjustable desk. People can use it to work either standing or sitting. Standing up and working can make the muscles of the whole body feel comfortable and comfortable, stimulate the brain to wake up, and can play a role in overcoming sleepiness. Expert tests show that the efficiency of standing office is as high as 30% than sitting office

The adjustable desk is an in-depth study of the three disciplines of human engineering, human mechanics, and human physiology, combined with human visual principles, color science, psychology, etc., after countless data collection, experiments and demonstrations. This kind of desk is completely different from traditional desks.

Tilting desktop design with adjustable angle.

The user can assume a comfortable reading and writing posture when sitting upright naturally. And can adjust the angle freely according to different office conditions, and use different desktop angles. On the one hand, the user can easily write and read without having to bend the spine greatly, allowing the body to relax on the chair; on the other hand, the height-adjustable desktop allows the viewing distance to be naturally maintained at a scientific position instead of a traditional desk. , I must desperately straighten my waist to keep it. That is, the table adapts to the human body, not the human body adapts to the table. The advantages of freely adjusting the angle of the desktop are not only convenient for operation, but also more user-friendly and safer.

Height lifting design.

The height of the desk can be adjusted freely according to the height of different users. The height of the desk is no longer troubled by height. You can master the comfortable sitting posture by yourself. There are three common lifting methods at this stage.

The first type is to lift the desk by hand, that is, the desk is fixed with a pin after the desk is lifted, and it must be operated by two persons;

The second type is the hand-cranked adjustable desk. The operation of this adjustable desk is simpler than the first one, but it takes more time to lift the table;

The third type, pneumatic adjustable desk, is easier to operate and faster to lift;

The fourth type is the electric adjustable desk manufacturers, which can be operated by numerical control and remote control. It is currently the most convenient and quickest type of desk for desk lifting.

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