The OpenCart Marketplace Module from the Admin perspective

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The OpenCart Marketplace Module is one of the most functional ways to create your marketplace without any trouble. If you have an eCommerce store and looking forward to going forward for more revenues, this is the best option.

 In fact, it is more like handling your store with a lot more people (sellers), being more authoritative (having control of the marketplace activities), and so much more. Hence, what do you think? Are you ready for the OpenCart Marketplace Extension? 

This blog will tell you about my experience with the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin as an admin. Further, I have been an admin for more than a year now. Moreover, I will lay down the ifs and buts of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module from an admin's perspective.

OpenCart Marketplace Module from the Admin perspective

  • Installation and configuration is easy - if you know what you're doing

Installation is a piece of cake. Further, it is about 3 steps that you have to follow. Thus, you'd be ready to push that configure button. The steps include:

First, buying the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension from Knowband 

Second, installing the documents received.

Further,  you have to configure the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin as per the need of the business. In addition, you can take full help from the User Manual that guides you through. Also, the customer support team will be of great help.

Thus, the installation and configuration are complete.

  • Allowing sellers to sell is the first step after the configuration 

Sellers will not walk up to you in the starting. In fact, you'll have to attract them in the first place. Attract the sellers till your Opencart Marketplace is not popular. Once the sellers start coming in, you can scrutinize their registration form. Thus, finalizing which sellers sell and which do not.

You have the power to choose sellers with innovative products or have that oomph factor that will be beneficial for your store. However, don't overlook other sellers, consider their requests carefully. 

  • Monitoring the sellers can be overwhelming - Automate processes as much as possible

For a marketplace with about 20 - 30 sellers is not a big thing. In fact, monitoring their activities, transactions, and orders is easy. However, the actual work comes in when the number of sellers increases in the marketplace. Automating the activities sounds like a good plan here. After all, you already have so many other things to do. Hence, you can automate the payout requests. In addition, you can also set the commission rate for all the sellers. Thus, this would cut down a lot of problems.

  • The revenue models are amazing - plan them well 

This comes as no surprise that the revenue models are the ways that the admin earns his income. Hence, it is important for you to plan them well. First is the commission rate that we've already talked about. The second is the membership plans. You can make as many membership plans as you want to for the sellers. Third and last, you can set the change for listing the products on the platform. Thus, the work is done. 


Thus, this is what I think you should know about the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module. Choose Knowband Marketplace as your companion for transforming your store into a marketplace.