Understand how it works and what are the benefits of shared property

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You probably already know the fever that has become coworking - shared workspaces. This is a well-known and very common practice here in Brazil, many people enjoy its benefits. But what about the shared property, do you think is a good idea?

You probably already know the fever that has become coworking - shared workspaces. This is a well-known and very common practice here in Brazil, many people enjoy its benefits. But what about the shared property, do you think is a good idea?

In fact, some time ago this house was only for students and it was called a republic. However, today, this style of property has become common among other segments of society, such as young professionals at the beginning of their careers.

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In this post, we will talk about the shared property. Continue reading and check it out!

What is shared housing?

They are houses shared by about three people who aim to reduce costs, such as  rent , condominium, electricity bills, internet, among others. In fact, the term refers to those who rent individual rooms and share the rest of the residence, such as a living room, kitchen, laundry area and bathroom with other residents.

People who choose this type of housing have come to the conclusion that it guarantees economy and practicality for many people, especially for those who want to work or study close to home.

Where did this idea come from?

It emerged in the 1970s, at the initiative of the Danes who were looking for a smarter way of living. The idea, first, came up with the interaction between neighbors. From then on, it grew and spread around the world. Currently, this type of housing is common in several places in Europe and is growing in the Americas.

The spaces are planned in the plant to work collectively. For this, the common areas of these places, which can be apartments or houses, are designed in order to facilitate the interaction by a group of people, making everything more simple and accessible!

How does the shared housing work?

In the shared property , each resident has their own bedroom, but living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry are shared spaces. For this reason, washing dishes, cleaning the floors and organizing shared environments are activities that fall into the division of tasks, as well as paying the bills and controlling expenses.

For everything to work out and the place to work very well, it is necessary to have a joint planning. It is common in homes of this type, for people to meet once a week to discuss how it works and whether improvements are needed. Finances must be controlled, but this is done by the group in a very transparent way.

What is the target audience?

For some time, the target audience, here in Brazil, was only the students and they are still the ones who make the best use of it - because, most of them do not work and it is the parents who are responsible for the expenses. When they go to another city, they look for places that, in addition to being cheaper, are close to the universities where they will study. They are usually middle or upper class young people.

However, this housing that was only common among young students, today has become a trend for another type of public: the recent graduates, who are starting to work and who want to save money. In addition, there is nothing to prevent other audiences from looking for it, as a way of saving and guaranteeing social interaction.

What are the benefits of the shared property?

Anyone who thinks that the properties shared by students are messed up is wrong. In fact, the well-known republics, as they were called in the past, left a negative image.


These places are very well organized, as the residents strive to have a good relationship and achieve their goals. We will list the benefits of shared housing and you will know why it is a life option for many people! Check out!

Spend much less on rent

The biggest advantage of sharing the house is the price, the rent is much more affordable . When the space is divided among a larger number of people, it is much easier to pay. Imagine a student who goes to another city to spend on an apartment just for him - he is bound to spend three times what he would spend.

On the other hand, for those who are just starting out and want to buy an apartment , there is nothing like starting to save money that way.

Split expenses

Sharing expenses is also very good, isn't it? The expenses with various items, such as condominium , food, water, energy, internet, among other things, are divided among the residents. Therefore, these values ​​are much lower.

Share the same goals

In the shared house, people with the same interests should live. As an example, we have students who want to graduate. Having the same objective will avoid a series of problems of coexistence.

Living near college

In addition to the savings in transportation, students who live close to college have the facility to come and go to the place of study more times a day if they want. Likewise, working close to home avoids problems with traffic and, consequently, delays.

Don't waste time

It is not easy to manage a residence, especially for students who leave their parents' homes to live alone. They have to do all the tasks, such as sweeping, ironing, organizing, cleaning, among others. The difference is that in shared housing, everything is divided and is not heavy for anyone.

Ensuring more security

Security is an issue that concerns everyone today, especially if you live alone. Therefore, many opt for the shared property that offers much more tranquility.

Enable socializing with other people

For those who do not like to spend a lot of time alone, this model of housing offers more interaction. It is an excellent way to guarantee company, even if it is for a few moments of the day.

For those who leave home to study or choose to live close to work, losing contact with the family can be difficult. This life option benefits that too, the contact with new people.

As you could see, in this article, the shared property is, in fact, a great exercise in coexistence. Each house must create its own profile and establish rules that will contribute to harmony between residents.