After a few annoyed remarks from the Rocket League network

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After a few annoyed remarks from the Rocket League network

On Thursday, Jan. 23, Psyonix introduced it'll pull aid for the macOS and Linux versions of Rocket League this March. After a few annoyed remarks from the Rocket League network, the developers released a publish on Rocket League Itemsthe game’s subreddit, explaining the refund system and providing new records on why the enterprise determined to drag Mac and Linux support. Following a few teething issues, Psyonix is now presenting a streamlined method for attaining a reimbursement via Steam.

Despite the brand new technique, many commentators inside the thread had been nevertheless unable to refund their copy, or defined a protracted conflict with Steam to make it show up. Despite Psyonix’s recommendation, some gamers within the thread said they might simplest get the refund through a guide refund price ticket — in preference to a Steam bot.

A representative from Psyonix explained that the developers could want to make investments extra into the macOS and Linux structures than earlier than to hold those structures up to date. Psyonix would additionally want to invest in common support for the two platforms — as new structures should easily damage at the DirectX 9 substitute pipelines on Buy Rocket League ItemsMac and Linux.

Psyonix additionally stated that macOS and Linux users mixed account for only 0.Three% of Rocket League’s lively participant base. As such, the studio made the decision that those platforms aren’t well worth helping.