Old School RuneScape: Suggestions for making gold

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There are many ways to make gold in Old School RuneScape. For example, rewards for completing tasks, collecting and fighting people, or even making it yourself. Players are always looking for gold for a better gaming experience. You can use gold to buy the items and equipment you want, and you can even become a member and participate in more game modes. Hope the following suggestions can help you.

If you are a more moderate player, you can endure the boredom of time. For new players, killing cows is the simplest and most effective way. Cows are easy to kill, respawn quickly, and have a high cowhide drop rate. Leather is in great demand. Although the price is low, it can be used very early in the game. After you become a level 5 hunter, learn crafting and construction skills, you can give full play to your honed farming skills. Plowing on the farm, attracting birds, you will become a wealthy farmer.

Use an ordinary mortar and pestle to attenuate the horns of unicorns, make dust or sell them directly to make money. When you reach level 60 and have woodcarving skills above level 75, it is a good way to cut yew logs, use runes or dragon axes, plant gold, or trade wood.

If you don't have enough time, it's not a good choice to find and obtain runes, unless you can find players who are willing to pay for you and who like to take risks. Instead of spending time looking for someone, you can choose to buy OSRS gold directly, which also costs money. Buying directly is safer and more direct.

After your killing skill reaches 75 or higher, kill the gargoyle and you will get loot. Use the Granite Hammer to get happiness and gold. As a combat adventurer, killing blue dragons is a popular way to make money. Dragon skins, bones, and armor fragments are all valuable. They are very helpful for experience, skills, ranged weapons, even spells, and prayers.

Fishing is a quiet and boring thing, but it is a risky and high-profit choice for member players. Shark is a high-level food, cooking it can restore your health and gain experience. Of course, you need level 76 fishing skills and level 80 cooking level. Hunting sharks and monsters in the process to get Old School Runescape Gold is a good game experience!