NBA 2k21 MyLeague: Next-gen updates

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Visual Concepts and 2K Sports abandoned the 22nd batch of their basketball simulation sports game NBA 2K21 at the end of 2020. Originally available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia, this is the next generation version of the new PlayStation 5 and XP. Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will join them in November 2020. NBA 2K21 MT is the universal currency of the game for trading players in the game.

What is NBA 2K21 MyNBA?
MyLeague has always been the main feature of NBA 2K games, but it is different from the next generation of 2K21 games. Now called MyNBA, this game mode is a combination of the classic MyLeague, MyLeague Online and MyGM modes, with some new features. Just like MyLeague, the decisions MyNBA lets you make affect not only individual NBA players or teams, but the entire basketball league. For example, you can draft influential rookies, trade star players or free agents, and move teams at will. This game mode brings some key differences worth noting.

New administrator control
Fans who play NBA 2K20 and earlier in MyLeague mode will notice that users have more control in the next-generation MyNBA mode of 2K21. All the functions of the early mode are available, but users can turn them on and off to customize the gameplay. Users can now assign specific controls to various aspects of the online basketball tournament. The new activity log can also help users track their movements and transactions.

New custom league rule function
The customized league rule function is a brand new feature of the next generation 2K21 game. In the past, users had to attend league meetings during the offseason to change the rules of the game. Limited to five rule changes per year. Now, users can change as many rules as they want. These rules govern the team’s salary cap, player transactions and contracts, the number of fouls and lotteries.

Ability to evacuate the team
The next generation of players can also remove the team from the league for the first time. The new feature of the custom league feature is that users can create leagues of up to 12 teams or up to 36 teams. The ability to build smaller leagues allows users to recreate old NBA games and focus on smaller games. Players Buy MT to enhance the strength in the game, thus forming a strong team.