Chicago Bears: Madden 21 simulation for Week 14 versus Texans

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Will Madden 21 predict the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans in Week 14? No need to say more about last week. Madden 21 was wrong when predicting that the Chicago Bears would be the Detroit Lions. We all know how this game failed. The Bears need to win to have any hope of continuing into the playoffs, first of all, beating the Houston Texans at Soldier Field in the midnight game. As a player of Madden 21, if you want to win in the game, you need to work hard, but buying MUT 21 Coins can help them quickly improve their game strength.

This is a simulated game in Madden 21 to predict possible outcomes. The bear fell to Deshaun Watson and Texans with 24-17 points. There has been an error in the sim card in the past few weeks, so I hope the error will occur again this week. Although the Bears were able to beat Deshaun Watson seven times, their offense was still unable to produce enough offense despite the lackluster Houston defense. The Bears' defense was good, but they couldn't contain Watson and Houston's offense. The Bears need to rebound in real life after their defense has been torn in the past few weeks.

David Montgomery participated in a professional game, scored two touchdowns and rushed for more than 100 yards. The Bears have had some success recently and have provided him with help. As the Madden simulation suggests, they should continue to find ways to engage him in the offense, especially if the passing game struggles like this simulation.

Although the Texans do not have the best record, they still have a strong offensive ability and many defensive players. The Bears need to make great efforts to achieve the necessary victory to stay in the playoffs. If you are a player of Madden 21, you can buy MUT Coins at GameMS. Finally, I wish you a happy shopping at GameMS.

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