Benefits of Twin platform Beds for Kids

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Benefits of Twin platform Beds for Kids


If you are looking for a platform bed that suits your youngster in the house, a twin platform bed is a good option. A twin bed platform has plenty of advantages, especially for kids. Compared to other platform beds, this type of mattress foundation is lighter; hence can be moved easily. Furthermore, the foundation is economical since you don’t have to buy a box spring once you purchase it. It is comfortable and large enough to accommodate a child throughout their teenage.
1. Good for Growing Children
With a twin-size platform bed, you will not have to change the foundation for your child at every stage of their life. The bed can stay with your child into the teenage years, accommodating them comfortably. However, if your child is exceeding, you may want to buy a taller type of bed to accommodate them comfortably.
2. Accommodates More Than One Child
If you have more than one kid who seems not to ever agree on anything, a twin bed is an excellent choice for you, mainly when operating under a tight budget. The foundation allows you to get twin mattresses and put them side by side where each child will take their own space. In terms of width, a platform twin bed is 5 inches shorter than a king-size bed. Therefore, each child has sufficient sleeping space.
3. Provides Flexibility and Versatility
A twin platform bed offers a lot of flexibility and versatility to the sleeper, especially if you are trying to utilize a small room. If the kid’s bedroom is narrow, furnishing it with a platform bed twin is an easy task. In case you have many children, adding a bunk bed will go a long way in saving the little space in your room. Furthermore, a twin bed platform is easily portable. You can single-handedly move a twin-size platform bed from one place to another without much effort. You also choose twin bed frame with storage drawers for kids to make them happy
4. Easy to Accessorize
Unlike adults, children are drawn by a room full of decoration. Because of its popularity, finding perfect fitting sheets, mattress protectors, duvets, pillows, or any other accessory is easy. Also, twin size accessories and less expensive compared o linens of different bed sizes.
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5. Economical
With this type of bed, you will not have to buy a box spring. Also, the bed comes at a relatively low price compared to foundations of the same size. They are an excellent choice if you are looking to save money while trying to create a comfortable sleeping space for your children. Children are bound to move after a given period, and so spending a considerable sum of money on their bed may not be the best idea.
Despite the many advantages carried by a twin bed as the best choice for your kids, buying just any other twin platform you find in the market is not the best idea. You need to understand the actual size of the bed and that of the mattress. Just because the bed is indicated as a twin-size bed does not, they come in the same size. Also, measure the size of your child’s room to ensure you don’t take home a twin platform bed that does not fit your child’s room.


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