What skills should a woman have?

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The female form is an incredibly beautiful and wonderful creation. Leonardo Da Vinci, possibly the greatest artist and polymath in history, recognized the female figure as something special since he featured women, including their children, in many of his art pieces.

The female form is an incredibly beautiful and wonderful creation. Leonardo Da Vinci, possibly the greatest artist and polymath in history, recognized the female figure as something special since he featured women, including their children, in many of his art pieces. The Mona Lisa, of course, is his most famous work. The body female is also very complex and multifaceted. So intricately complicated, in fact, that women are generally unaware of some things.

7 things women don't know about their own body

Here are seven things many women don't know about their bodies, according to female experts

  1. The sun is not your great friend

Many women look forward to summer, when we can shed our long sleeves and boots in favor of sundresses and sandals. In many places it is also beach season, so it is the perfect time to relax on the sand with a book and a drink. But all that sun exposure can be harmful to your skin, maybe even worse than you think. For one, it can age it.

Dermatologist says, “About 80% of women's wrinkles are caused by excessive sun exposure. Many people don't even think about the sun and the damage it causes to the skin”. And it can be much more damaging than surface aging. "When you get sunburned, it is not the cells of your skin that are damaged by the sun or those that die, it is the DNA of your skin cells damaged and eliminated from themselves so that they do not become cancer." That's downright scary when you think about it.

The best ways to prevent premature aging and sunburn is to always wear sunscreen when you go outside, limit your direct sun exposure, check your local UV index, and wear protective clothing. So you can still enjoy those lazy days at the beach, as long as you take the proper precautions.

  1. Women require specific nutrients

The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors clears up the confusion about vitamins and your health, “Most women don't know that they need certain nutrients. Vitamin D, for example, is a vitamin found primarily in sunlight and not in many food sources. " Although, as we already mentioned, the sun should be taken with great caution.

Most women are also deficient in iron, as a result of continuous menstrual cycles and / or pregnancy. Contributing to the spread of iron deficiency among women is because many do not eat red meat, which is the main food source of the nutrient.

Iron deficiency can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, migraines, muscle aches, and thinning hair. Iron-rich meats include beef, fish, and poultry. Good plant sources include dried beans, lentils, and peas.

  1. Female skin dehydrates quickly

Women are very prone to dehydration of the skin. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, baths and showers are an essential (and often overused) component of most women's skincare regimen.

But soaking your skin for long periods of time is counterproductive. Taking long, hot showers is really bad for your skin - hot water softens the oils on your skin so they wash off easily, making it easier for your skin to dry out or itch too.

Limiting sun exposure, lowering the water temperature, and limiting contact with hot water can help dehydrate the skin.

  1. The vagina is not something 'dirty'

Historically, women around the world have been taught that their bodies are dirty, especially during menstruation. And while many societies have become more educated about basic biology, it's hard to shake off thousands of years of stigma no matter where you live.

So it's no surprise that many women continue to believe that their vaginas are unclean. Noni Ayana said: “Many women refuse to believe that the vagina cleans itself. When educating women, medical professionals often use the 'self-cleaning' analogy”. So, while it is completely false that vaginas are somehow dirty, that fact alone is not enough to deter women from taking unnecessary measures in the name of hygiene.

Ayana continued: “Women regularly use retail feminine hygiene products with the intention of cleaning their private parts, which are often considered socially and inherently dirty. Unless there are possible signs of infection, allow the body to do what it is designed to do.

  1. Women are predisposed to anxiety

Women have naturally higher levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), progesterone (a hormone that normalizes pregnancy), and estradiol (a natural steroid). As a result of these chemicals, and their effect on the hormones and neurochemistry of women, they are twice as likely as men to experience an anxiety disorder.

That is why women are more intuitive when it comes to predicting threats and dangers”. And for many women, these disorders can cause disruptions in our daily lives, creating additional problems on top of what initially worries us.

What are some of the best practices for dealing with this anxiety? Hershenson has some recommendations. Make a daily gratitude list before going to bed by writing down ten things you are grateful for. He also recommends that you start a meditation practice, even if it's only five minutes a day.

"Make a list of what you can control in the situation that causes you anxiety (your reaction) and what you cannot control (the behavior of others)." If anxiety levels are extremely detrimental to daily life, it is advisable to seek medical assistance, therapy, or a support group.

  1. Misinformation about menstruation

Experts say that many women often do not have the necessary knowledge related to their menstrual cycles.

More specifically, many women do not know that menstruation is not a "cleansing" response of the body. Furthermore, a therapist and sex education consultant, “… the menstrual cycle is not exclusive to when your period starts and ends; it's a 28-day process (more or less)”.

Many women are also unaware that their body is continually preparing for pregnancy, and the degree to which development during pregnancy affects their body.

  1. The woman is stronger than she thinks

Women are often stereotyped for being fragile and delicate, unable to open jars on our own or change a tire. However, the myth of the weak woman is just that, a myth, and more and more women are cultivating active, healthy and strong lifestyles. Sofía Sánchez, registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, says: “Women are physically stronger than they think. In my work, I have seen athletes lift 200, 300 pounds - heavier than some men! I think the landscape is really changing here and society is embracing women's health and strength over looks, and that's great! "

And even if you exercise, no amount of strength training will make you "grow out" or look more masculine. Rather, it will help you become more toned. Plus, it's good for you, as long as you're doing it right. And if you don't lift, you should start as it helps you maintain muscles as you age, helps keep your joints in good shape, reduces anxiety, improves your mood, and more. So, give it a try, you are probably stronger than you think.

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