Official Translators: The Most Trustworthy Translation Service With Government Authorization

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Official Translators has one of the finest translators, David Ruiz, who is a sworn Spanish translator. For more information, visit

Have you ever encountered the term certified translation? Most likely you are confused about the conditions in which you might have to produce a certified translation. A certified translation is just an official document that is sealed and signed by a translator who is certified with government authorities. For example, if you are in an English-speaking country, and you are undergoing a legal or medical procedure; you will need a certified translation Spanish to English to represent yourself in the government offices of that country as well as the country of your origin.

People often make the mistake of choosing local translators for translating official documents. This results in confusion and misunderstanding of your statement. To get the best results you must take the services of Official Translators. This is a private firm that is authorized and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are a leading firm that is trusted by thousands of clients worldwide as their first choice for Spanish and English translation. They offer a wide range of services to their clients. These include translations of official court documents, medical documents, civil documents like certified translation of marriage certificate, police work, academic records, and much more.

Official Translators can help you in a variety of ways. They work with a professional team of experts who are experienced in translation work in various private as well as government sectors. They believe that their services can be utilized by people all over the world. You should know that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Not just Spain, the language is widely spoken in most of the countries of South America, Central America, parts of the United States, and a large number of people in Eastern Europe. Official Translators specializes in Spanish – English interpretations and their services come in handy in all Spanish-speaking nations.

Official Translators was founded by David Ruiz who is a Spanish entrepreneur with a background in software development. He has completed most of his higher education in the United States and has worked in software development for famous businesses. At Official Translators, he works with the most educated and active translators who are well experienced in working as translators in various fields including birth certificate translation services. They promise to deliver the right translations that exceed expectations. Their work is highly appreciated by their clients. You can see these client reviews on the testimonial section of their website.

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