What Are The Consequences Of The Watch Being Magnetized?

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A friend who knows physics should know that steel objects will receive the influence of magnetic fields, which means that mechanical parts based on steel parts are more likely to be magnetized in life. Luxury Watches Manufacturer tell you the consequence about what happens when a watch is magnetized:

Magnetic and electric power are a pair of twin brothers, but there is a certain magnetic field in places where electricity is available. Nowadays, in people's lives, electronic products are everywhere, and large and small magnetic fields are crowded around people, which is almost inevitable. At the same time, permanent magnets such as speakers and motors have magnets and DC magnetic fields that can magnetize hard magnetic materials such as steel, which can affect watches.

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Watches are subject to magnetism. The most common consequence is that the time is faster. If the hairsprings are attracted together, the watch will go much faster, about two hours a day. The magnetic force affects and interferes with the oscillation period of the balance. Seriously affected by the magnet can make the watch stop directly.

Watches Supplier know that you have been very careful not to put watches and objects with magnetic fields together, why can't you avoid magnetism, you know, magnetic things are everywhere, the most easy to ignore is also the most prone to problems such as bags The magnetic buckle on the top is usually made of aluminum-iron-boron. The magnetism is very large. When people are leaning over a backpack or a handbag, the watch worn on the wrist will be very close to the magnetic buckle, and the watch will be unknowingly It is magnetized, so pay special attention.

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It is not difficult to judge whether the watch is magnetic or not. If you have a more sensitive compass at hand, you can operate it. Square the compass and then quickly and repeatedly sweep the watch over the compass. It needs to change the direction of the watch to repeat in multiple directions. If the pointer of the compass is shifted at this time, it means that the watch is highly magnetized.

Once the watch is magnetized, it is best to degauss in time. All major professional watch after-sales service centers have provided free service for degaussing the watch.

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