New World Settlements Guide

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The best Settlements in New World for Early Game, Mid-Game and Late Game. Select your Territory Ford Buffs, Farming Areas, and Strategic positioning.

Each of the three factions in Aeternum has the main goal: To control Aeternum's territories. Each Territory in Aeternum has its settlement. Settlements in New World refer to various areas within Territories that provide minor quality of life improvements, services, buffs to players and its residents can expand upon. Settlements play a major role in territorial control and drive the economy. So in this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about Settlements.

Settlements are your main hubs in each territory. You go there to craft, to sell and buy items, to do various missions, and you own homes in them. Settlements are also home to each faction's representative. This means you go to settlements to accept and turn in faction missions that help the faction you are a part of. Additionally, settlements function as respawn points for players, should they succumb to injuries while venturing out in the world. This is what you can expect to see when you visit an average settlement:

Forge – The forge is used to craft weapons alongside armors and tools that are made of metal.
Outfitting Station – Here you can make cloth clothing.
Workshop – You can make tools, ammo, and furniture in a workshop.
Kitchen – You can make tools, ammo, and furniture.
Arcane Repository – In here, you can make potions, tinctures, and magic weapons.
Smelter – This place lets you melt ores into metal.
Stonecutting Table – You can cut stone.
Woodshop – Wood products can be refined here.
Tannery – Here you can make leather out of animal skin.
Loom – Plant matter can be made into textiles here.
Inn – An inn can be used to travel, one of the more useful parts of New World settlements.

Crafting Stations can be upgraded in a settlement that allows craft higher quality items.

Joining a settlement is fairly easy. To do this, all you need to do is buy a house in that settlement. Players can purchase a house starting at level 15. More houses can be purchased at levels 35 and 55. A house will have a fixed cost depending on the tier. Higher tiers will provide more slots for decorations and trophies, as well as a shorter fast-travel cooldown. In addition to the upfront purchase cost, houses have a property tax attached to them which must be paid to the company that owns the settlement. This tax must be paid once a week, and failure to do so will disable certain Housing features such as the ability to decorate, receive trophy buffs, and fast traveling. Simply put, housing will cost you a lot of new world coins, but it's worth it.

Settlement Upgrades are a big bonus to an area and one that gives all residents a benefit. While these are levels and crafting stations, there are also are the 'lifestyle buffs'. These are buffs that get activated for homeowners in a settlement.

Residents of the settlement can complete different missions to help the town project along until it is completed. The missions give XP, new world gold, and other rewards to the residents completing them. Everyone who lives in the settlement works to level it up, and they all reap the benefits.

Settlements are pretty key locations. You can also get an advantage if you take the time to learn how they work, what's there, and how to best make use of your resources.