Who will be the cover player for madden 22?

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The acquisition rate of XP is closely related to Madden 21. It takes a relatively long time to upgrade to the most recent game, which means it may take some time for you to unlock all the rewards.

Although the trailer has not yet been publicly displayed, EA plans to conduct an earnings conference call with investors in May. Historically, EA has combined its investor meetings with marketing activities, choosing to inform its financial supporters and customers almost uniformly. Although many people expect that the next "Battlefield" will be announced on the May earnings conference call, it is also possible that EA will also start talking about Madden 22 publicly. Once confirmed, we will make sure to include all trailers here.

If EA’s Madden 22 there is not made public, it will definitely appear on EA Play Live or similar E3 adjacent showcases later this summer. Over the years, for Madden, the marketing window has shrunk, perhaps because the game is essentially self-selling, and EA wants to encourage players to spend the money in the game on Madden 21 for as long as possible, so if the publisher Still there, it will not be unprecedented. Shut up until eight to nine weeks after launch.

The cover star is usually the first thing we learn about Madden every year, so it's no wonder we guess when EA hasn't said much about it. However, it seems that the credible rumors do point to a specific player who received a nod because he was on the cover of this year's "Madden" (Madden). MUT Coins are the most reliable items for you to unlock star characters.

According to a photo leaked by GameStop in Pennsylvania, a customer saw a booking infographic reserved for GameStop employees, which indicated that this year's cover character will be the most recent 2,000-yard sprinter of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry. The picture is shared by TikTok user @jordanr03. The cover art (if it is fake) is a perfect copy of the latest style adopted by the Madden box art design team starting from Madden 21. Buy MUT 21 Coins get any character you like.