Rsgoldfast - Here is a list of a few of the possible rewards

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You say you're in the future which you went during a time portal.The God would then request that runescape 3 gold you take part in a fantastic battle that would end the God Wars forever!You would subsequently appear outside the camp gates with a robust and well-armed army enclosing you.Then that the God would state some epic words such as something in a film and then you and the military and the God would bill at the other army that's also charging !

You would need to kill every Zamorakian or Saradominist you see with the military helping you out.Then after that,you would get to satisfy the opposing God and then Saradomin and Zamorak would bring up along with their swords and control at each other.Just as they were about to clash,a bright flash looks and then you'd be standing beside Sedridor again.After you two had discussed what you saw,a few items related to that God you served would look out of nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.

I believe that it would be cool there was a mini game where you can combat the runscape gods in a battle that can make you wealthy, or destroy you. Basically you would be in a arena and you opt for a god to resist and if you win you get some type of fantastic reward. But if you lose, you lose all of you items which you brought with you along with your xp in 3 random abilities will be lowered to perhaps about 50k under the xp you started wit, depending on your level.

Here is a list of a few of the possible rewards. God spells (a brand new spell book that has extremely powerful spells inside. NOTE you won't win every single spell on your first kill, you will have to kill the boss multiple times if you would like to achieve the whole spell book. Well is about all I can think of, in case you have some thoughts, please post them.

You have seen too many Monster noobs just healing and hitting, What is the advantage of that? Do you desire a quite difficult monster with many approaches and stuff? Safe conflict? (Not dropping your stuff after you shed ): No, However, the battle setup will be short unlike Tk tok jad's Fight pit. Anything to do until you fight Nemesis? : Yes, you need to get up to 5-10 Folks (Max: 10) before battling Nemesis and there'll be a portal site, giving you a warning that buy fire cape osrs you cannot return as you get within the portal.