Incoming mail through Gmail IMAP settings

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Activating the IMAP in my Gmail account, Incoming mail, Outgoing mail, Troubleshooting steps

Setting Up The IMAP in my Gmail Account

Most popularly known for providing with the internet protocol, IMAP is used in providing access for communication with different email services, such as the Gmail and Outlook service providers. It is seen that after the launch of the server for IMAP  POP3, SMTP, and other known protocols has lost their demand in the market. The reason for this reduction is the unique and effective IMAP features that allow giving the current status of mails and also allows the access to different types of inbox emails on a single server. 

You are suggested to go through this blog post thoroughly if you are looking for gaining knowledge to set up theIMAP settings in your Gmail account. This blog will surely help you in understanding the process successfully.


How Do I Activate the IMAP in My Gmail Account?

Below given are the steps for activating the IMAP in your Gmail account: 

⦁ Open a web browser, say Google Chrome, or Firefox

⦁ Go to your Gmail account

⦁ Visit the Settings option that is located at the top right corner

⦁ Then select the Forwarding option

⦁ Now select the POP and IMAP option

⦁ An IMAP column will show on screen, then click on the Enable IMAP option

⦁ The other settings must be set as default

⦁ Finally, click on the option of ‘Save Changes’. 


Incoming mail through the Gmail IMAP settings 

If you want to receive all your incoming emails in a single location, all you need to do is set up the IMAP in your Gmail. For keeping a follow up on your Google mail messages on various other devices, follow the steps given below:

⦁ Gmail IMAP server address-

⦁ Gmail IMAP username- Gmail address

⦁ Gmail IMAP password- Gmail password

⦁ Gmail IMAP port- 993

⦁ Gmail IMAP TLS/SSL- Yes


Outgoing Mail through the Gmail SMTP Settings 

It is necessary for the clients, that have got the access to the incoming server settings, to have an outgoing mail server for sending the Gmail messages and emails. For starting with the feature of outgoing mails, follow the steps given below:

⦁ Gmail SMTP server address-

⦁ Gmail SMTP username- Gmail address

⦁ Gmail SMTP password- Gmail password

⦁ Gmail SMTP port (TLS)- 587

⦁ Gmail SMTP port (SSL)- 465

⦁ Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL- Yes


Tips and tricks to troubleshoot these issues

If a Gmail user goes through any issues regarding their Gmail settings, then there are three possible reasons  that can be used for troubleshooting the issue:

⦁ The credentials are incorrect that you have typed while entering either your username or your password. If the issue has taken place due to a wrong typing of the password or if you have actually forgotten your password, then click on the ‘Forgot Password’, and you will have the option of setting up a new password.

⦁ The server details that you have put are incorrect and it needs to be solved by checking the details on the top portion.  

⦁ You need to create a specific password after you have enabled the two factor authentication code. 

It is a mandate to enable the IMAP protocol in your Gmail Settings. However, if you have not enabled it, you can do so by moving on to the Setting option and from there, choosing the 'Enable IMAP server setting' option. There might be situations when the mailing client will not support your Google standards, then you will have to update the latest version.  


Technical Support Team

If you go through any other issues with your Gmail IMAP settings, for incoming or outgoing mail, then feel free to get in touch with our technical support team. We have a team of skilled experts in our technical support who will rightly assist you with the set up procedure. You will also get the latest updates for your Gmail and IMAP servers.