Difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX): Detailed Comparison

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What is UI design?

UI design is a combination of processes used to build interfaces for software applications or any sort of website. UI majorly focuses on style and looks. It transforms several wireframes into a user-friendly graphical UI. Designing the User Interface is done by the designers. They aim to create very appealing interfaces that create an emotional connection between various products and the users. We are the provider of the top ui/ux design services in USA


Role of a UI designer

The UI designer needs to work with several other designers, developers, and business owners to give a very attractive user interface to a product.

The roles and responsibilities of a UI designer include:

  • Audience understanding 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Creation and maintenance of style groups 
  • Creating various wireframes
  • Working on several visual design elements such as color scheme, font styles, button styles, links, and much more
  • Following several standards norms

But, the role of a UI designer is not just limited to these. There are a lot more things that come into action such as working on the front-end development and collaborating during the design sprints. UI designers work together with the UX designers and analyze how various users interact with their products, contact us for the best user experience services as we are the best ux desigin agency in USA


What is UX design?

UX design is a process that various designers use to make meaningful and irresistible UX of several digital products. Almost everything from the layout, ergonomics to the using ability of a website or mobile app, it is the UX design that makes a difference. 

If you reach out to an eCommerce store and find hurdles reaching the checkout page, it is the UX designer who made these kinds of mistakes and makes that UX design poor. And if a website can help you get onboard easily and quickly, it is due to the great UX.


Role of a UX designer

The UX designer bridges the gap between the company and its customers. They conduct different sorts of interviews, surveys, or observations to identify the pain points from both the perspectives: needs of the users as well as what users are experiencing when they are interacting with your product or service offerings in order for them to offer a value back by coming up with several new ideas on how we can solve such problems.

The role and responsibilities of a UX designer include:

  • Conducting the research by the user for their behavior, needs, inspirations, challenges, expectations, and a lot more
  • Creating several user personas considering various demographics, firmographics, psychographics, and much more. 
  • Defining the information architecture of several other digital products to make sure users can find the specific details as per their expectations and needs.
  • Creating wireframes and a lot of users flows to ensure that the user interactions are very simple, easy, and quick
  • Working along with the UI designers to build relevant interfaces of the digital product
  • Generating the prototypes to provide interactions to the various wireframes created
  • Ensuring that the product developed is as per the UX plan and design. 

UX designers focus on designing that specific experience that the audience would have on the product while UI designers focus on how the digital product would pe presented as or look like.  


Difference between UI and UX

UX design development company needs both UI and UX designers to add a lot of value to the company. Despite having various similarities, UI and UX have a lot of different tools. Some distinct factors in the UI and UX design make their work different. It is very necessary to understand that User interface and experience complete each other and the company cannot have one without the other. Some differences between UI and UX include:

  • UI designs are tangible assets. They can be tested and shipped to any other place. However, UX designs are not very easy to count. 
  • UX is something that the user experiences, while UI is what the user sees while using a service or product.
  • UI designers can set several limits on what a user can access in the application or the website.
  • UI design has an artistic component in itself. It relates completely to the interface of the product. Whereas, UX design has more of a social component that is used for the market research process and to establish communication within the clients.

The UX designers must predict several modifications that might be in need for the future versions of any current service or any product.


How do User Experience (UX)and User Interface (UI) work together?

UI and UX designers each one of them has their own roles in the company. This is a combined process and the UX and UI designers have to work very closely with each other. The UI design team focuses more on how the elements interfering in between will look on the screen. On the other side, the UX design team focuses on the flow of various sorts of websites or application. Contact us as we are among the best UI UX design companies in USA

UX designers analyze the various navigation buttons and how the interface elements serve the needs of the customers. To fit the design in the layout pattern, the UI team finds a lot of ways to adapt and configure various UX designs. Thus, both teams need constant communication to offer a completely perfect and efficiently working UI. 



Despite the several similarities and a lot of differences, both UI and UX designers are vital to the success of any sort of application or website. UI design has a technical component into action and is concerned with the quality of the interaction between the service or product and end-users, while UX design focuses primarily on the project management and the functionality of the service or a product. So, they must work very closely to achieve the desired set of objectives and goals.


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