Making a Smart School Lunch Choice

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Whether you are ordering takeout, shopping online, or even dining in at a restaurant, online systems have become the norm. As the world becomes increasingly digital, school lunch programs must adapt. Many school programs are still using cash payments and paper order forms to complete schoo

Parents have a lot of choices to make for their kids. Whether it’s what afterschool activities they will be enrolling in or what meals they eat for school lunch, it can be challenging to juggle the many choices made each day, big and small. At, we focus on school lunch choices. 

Many parents opt to pack their child’s lunches. This gives parents a lot of visibility into what type of nutrition their children receive at school. However, it can be challenging to come up with unique ideas for lunch as a child’s taste changes. For busy parents, schedules may not always allow them time to pack lunch every day before school and work. When schedules get busy, or when lunch ideas run stale, buying school lunch can be a great option for many families. In the past, purchasing a hot lunch from school meant that parents had to send their children to school with cash and paper order forms. Now, this process can be put online. Parents will order and pay for their child’s lunch ahead of time and online, then students will simply state their name or ID number to the foodservice provider to receive their school lunch choice. Bringing this process online makes it easier for parents to have visibility into their child’s school lunch choice. The online system is available both with an app and website making it easy for parents to order and pay for school lunches on the go or at home. 

How Does it Work?

School lunch managers will upload menus to the online system for parents to browse. The menus can be updated often and can be made to include nutritional and allergy information. When parents log in to the system and make their school lunch choice, foodservice providers will receive the orders and plan for distributing the lunches for the next day. They can use the online system to generate financial reports, classroom-based distribution reports, and reports to help with future orders. Online orders make it easier for foodservice providers to determine how much stock of each food item to keep. It also eliminates the hassle associated with paper order forms and cash payments. This information will be stored online, making the school lunch process easier and more modern. This online system will also allow foodservice providers to manage multiple schools using the same online system. They can streamline menus, notifications, and orders to save time and resources. The system can also be used for yearbooks, fundraisers, and more.

Switching to an online system for school lunch can have benefits for both parents and food service providers. To learn more about how can help make a smarter school lunch choice.