I need"enhanced" friends lists for Diablo II: Resurrected

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This is a fairly obvious request from the old school Diablo II participant: an higher inventory space. The restricted space of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items this player's individual and trunk space, plus the very small bit afforded by the Horadric cube, is just not enough to enjoy the complete width of this Diablo II encounter. While loot scarcity and small inventory slots include rarity and value to the game's immense treasure system, I could do with a little more back space--maybe not the player inventory, because that feels like cheating, but what the player could stash back at the camp. It would make set collecting a much more inviting prospect.

This request might be a bit controversial if you are the kind of person that likes to endure and requires that badge of honor very seriously. Me, I prefer to actually acquire a Stone of Jordan every once in a while without having to write a script or grind 10,000 hours because of it. It's a shame that for all the years I played Diablo II in pursuit of good loot, I rarely got to see the very best of what the sport had to offer, regardless of how much time that I poured into it.

There are many fascinating and powerful Rune words, by way of example, that I never came close to seeing since there was no chance I would ever get, sayan Amn rune within my life. And were you aware that an Uber Diablo can be summoned if enough Stones of Jordan are sold on a server at the exact same time? There are a great deal of things I never understood or had a chance to discover because of the abysmal drop speed.

While I say I need"enhanced" friends lists for Diablo II: Resurrected, what I mean is, I would prefer a friend listing. The game did not come out at a period in which we had as numerous multiplayer niceties as we do today. So as to even add a buddy, you needed to use text pub commands, which you also had to perform to bring up the list of people you'd added to determine if they had been online. It was laborious and barely worth using. In retrospect, it seems like a wonder any of us ever discovered each other at all. An individual interface would help a whole lot, particularly in regards to server jumping for Baal runs.

No battling for loot. I'm a marshmallow, and I can't handle PvP. On a serious note, this is an obvious tweak, and one which was made to Diablo III. No one should have to throw elbows to buy Diablo Immortal Gold acquire the treasure they had a hand . Instanced levels, on the other hand? No thank you, please.