10 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Wants You to Know

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As parents and children arrive in the office for their next appointment, the dentist always wants to discuss what is going on at home. Frequently, these conversations begin with a question about brushing your child’s teeth at home.

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Things Your Pediatric Dentist Wants You to Know

Here are the 10 things that best child pediatricians will recommend:

1- Brush Twice a Day

It is important to brush twice a day. Early in life, children cannot be expected to manage all their oral hygiene needs with just one brushing a day. So, it would help if you teach them to brush after every meal or at least twice a day.

2- Brushing On the Tongue

Brush away from the gums. This will prevent gum disease and minimize bleeding gums. Your dentist understands that it can be difficult for some parents to understand this for their young children. This is why you should always brush areas where your child cannot reach. This means brushing the child’s tongue, the roof of their mouth, and cheeks.

3- Protect Your Kids’ Gums

If children are often brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush, they might clean too hard. If your child is a biter or a digger, they might also have this tendency. If your child has any of these tendencies, try to talk to your child’s dentist because they can suggest some alternate options that you may want to consider.

4- Flossing at Night

Your dentist may tell you that your child should floss at night (before going to bed) because the food might accumulate between their teeth and be more difficult to remove in the morning. If your child needs to floss before bedtime, there are clear disposable flossers on the market, which are a bit more expensive, so it may be worth considering.

6- Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Your child’s pediatric dentist will be happy to tell you about the benefits of fluoride. Fluoride is an important ingredient that helps prevent tooth decay.

7- Toothpaste for Kids

If your child wants to use toothpaste, choose water-based toothpaste and ensure it contains fluoride.

8- Follow the package directions

Your child may not know any better, but following the dental care directions your dentist supplies you with can prevent cavities and other oral health problems.

9- Make sure your kid is brushing properly

Frequently, parents think that if they make sure their child is brushing properly, everything will be fine. This doesn't seem right. Your child needs to brush with enough force that they can feel the bristles touch the tooth surface. Not having enough force makes it difficult for your child to know if they have brushed properly.

10- Sealants

You can use sealants to prevent cavities on your child’s permanent teeth. Children and teenagers need to visit their dentists regularly to prevent dental problems from occurring.

When Should I Schedule my Child's Dental Appointment?

Early Childhood: While your child is still young, they should be seeing a pediatric dentist

Around Two Years Old: Your child should visit a pediatric dentist at around two years old.

Preschool Age and Older: By age five or six, you will want to make the most of their visits to their pediatric dentists.

Tooth Decay: If your child has a tooth that hasn’t erupted by the time they are two years old, it is a good idea to take them to the pediatric dentist.

Aged Three and Older: When your child starts kindergarten, they should go to their pediatric dentist.

Cavities: It’s important to make sure that your child sees the pediatric dentist as soon as they start seeing any cavities. It also helps if you have them see the pediatric dentist between bouts of dental caries.

Teeth that Erupt: Your child’s pediatric dentist will want to know when their teeth erupt so that they can schedule this appointment on their oral health schedule.

Wrapping Up

You should make sure that you schedule regular appointments with your kid’s pediatric dentist. They will tell you how often you should schedule the appointments and what type of preventive care your child needs.

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