Top 10 ERP Software in India 2022

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The process of comparing ERP software can be complex, which is why we compiled our Top 10 ERP Software for 2022.

The process of comparing ERP software can be complex, which is why we compiled our Top 10 ERP Software for 2022. Our list of top 10 ERP software shows the vendors that our ERP experts have considered to be good in reliability in a range of sectors, including banking, engineering, logistics, healthcare, and others based on industry experience with hundreds of ERP systems.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a robust tool for your organization that helps you handle back-office functions efficiently. This system assists to manage every aspect of your business including, human resources, information technology, and others.

Additionally, ERP helps to centralize all the business processes on one single platform. There are various ERP software vendors in India providing various benefits for your organization. It is crucial to choose the Best ERP Software In India as per your business needs to help your business flourish.

We are a software recommendation company that has analyzed the vendors and made the list of the top ERP software in India. The software list is presented to you in alphabetical order.

Top 10 ERP Software

Focus 9
Newton ERP
PC SOFT ERP Software
Sage 300cloud
Strategic ERP

ERPNEXT is one of the most agile ERP software; in the world, because it is an entire, flexible, and robust solution. It is designed in a way that is easy to use and efficient that helps the organization to achieve business goals. This ERP system has all the features you require and integrates with ease with other applications.

Additionally, ERPNEXT provides a fourteen-day free trial version of the application so that you understand the adaptability. Furthermore, you can create a new account and start using it within a few clicks.


HR and payroll.
Sales and purchase.
Asset management.
Website development.

2. Focus 9:
Focus 9 is a cloud-based ERP software that delivers intelligence and simplicity to your processes. It is an advanced system that helps to transform and accelerate your business processes. Organizations can use this software to automate most of the critical tasks to explore new business opportunities.

This solution is one of the top ERP software in India that has all the features that help you to innovate. This software solution makes connectivity easy between the team, vendors, and shareholders.


Billing and costing.
Customer service.
Financials and accounting.
Inventory management.
Planning and scheduling.
Purchasing and sales.
Supply chain management.
Asset management.
Product design.
Order management.
Project management.
Furthermore, they have many more features which you can explore on their profile page.

3. Newton ERP:
Newton ERP system is an all-inclusive software that helps businesses with the tools it requires to manage every aspect of the business. Additionally, it allows you to manage operations of different products, teams, locations, and factories on a single platform. Furthermore, various aspects like sales, distribution, customer service, and finance are on a single platform for businesses to access.

Newton ERP is one of the best ERP software for manufacturing in India which helps your team to become efficient and helps in growth.


Supply chain management.
Process manufacturing.
Quality management.
Lean manufacturing.
Service management.
Wholesale and distribution.
Expense management.
Project management.

ODOO ERP software will provide you with all the tools you need to deliver an amazing employee experience. Additionally, this software seamlessly integrates with other applications that simplify your processes. Furthermore, it has all the tools you need to deliver a top-notch user experience. This ERP solution will help your business to automate and track the business process with ease.

This software solution also helps to centralize the process on a single online platform which you can access from anywhere at any time. It also automatically upgrades the system every year so that your teams are working on updated systems.


Project management.
Timesheet management.
Helpdesk management.
Inventory and purchase management.
Invoicing and accounting.
Email marketing and automation.

Oracle enterprise resource planning software helps businesses with resilience, agility, and growth. Additionally, this software adapts to your business processes, quickly reduces the operational cost, and accurate predictions. It is an easy-to-use, flexible, scalable, and reliable option for businesses to simplify operations.


Finance management.
Project management.
Risk management and compliance.
Enterprise performance management.
Supply chain management.
ERP analytics.

Orion ERP system helps flexibility with a business operation that to payment on subscription-based. It lets you perform the functions on the cloud and allows you to choose the deployment type based on the requirement. Additionally, this software automates most of the tasks so that your team can focus on other valuable tasks. It is one of the best retail ERP software that helps identify the challenges, trends, and how to make the most out of them.


Cloud-based operations.
Dashboard and analysis.
Quick ROI.
Mobile deployment.
Intuitive and intelligent software.

7. PCSOFT ERP Software:
PC SOFT ERP software is an all-in-one solution that has smart tools integrated into it. Additionally, this software is reliable, efficient, and all-inclusive software that complies with GST. It is an automated retail ERP software and also helps the other sectors.

This software assists to reconcile finances which acts as a catalyst to make more profits. Furthermore, this ERP system has one of the fastest implementation processes in the market.


Finance and accounting.
Purchase and vendor management.
Inventory management.
Production planning and control.
Plant maintenance.
Sales, CRM, and service management.
Quality control.
Project management.

8. Sage 300cloud:
Sage 300 cloud is an all-inclusive small business ERP software that helps various aspects of the business. It is an efficient solution that helps businesses manage various functions with ease. Additionally, this software will help to handle different outlets, regions, languages, and currencies with ease.

Furthermore, this ERP solution has all the required tools that help to connect your teams from different departments. Businesses can simplify their finance tasks by minimizing the multiple entry complexities.


Finance tools.
Sales order management.
Inventory tools.
Integrated payment options.
Data and analytics.

SAP ERP solution helps businesses to connect all departments and functions to make excellent business processes. This software will help to reduce the economic crises ensuring continuous business and automating most of the tasks.

Additionally, it also helps oversee liquidity, ensures cash flow, credit lines, and analyzes the foreign exchange risks to optimize finances.


Finance planning and analysis.
Accounting and financial closure.
Treasury management.
Accounts receivable, billing, and revenue management.
Cybersecurity, governance, risk, and compliance.

10. Strategic ERP:
Strategic ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that helps the real estate and construction sector with entire project life management. This software helps to customize the tools that help to adapt to the business process. It also has artificial intelligence in the system that helps businesses plan their daily task efficiently. Additionally, this ERP software is user-friendly which understands and processes voice commands.


Financial accounting management systems.
HR and payroll management.
Waste management.
Healthcare management.
Land and estate management.
Inventory management.
Audit management.

different ERP software helps to centralize all the operations on a single platform; which simplifies the business processes and automates them. It is crucial to choose the best solution for your business that adapts to your organization's needs.