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Ellen Degeneres's former show DJ was petrified of birds.

It might seem impossible to get anxiety relief when the very thing that is triggering your anxiety faces you on a Ricky Gervais CBD Gummies daily basis. That trigger can be a fear of heights, fear of public places, fear of water.

Imagine fearing something that's even more prominent in your life, like birds. They are everywhere - in city streets, parks and on balconies. There are no boundaries and no where to hide from them.

Ellen Degeneres's former show DJ was petrified of birds. Whenever Ellen had a naturalist as a guest who came armed with several kinds of birds, the DJ suffered a major anxiety attack. On one show, the guest bird was a huge bird of prey - a hawk that left the arm of his owner and flew in the DJ's direction.

He ducked, raised his arms to protect his head, and fled right off the stage and into the wings. He admitted that he ran all the way to the stage exit door. On his return, he revealed his secret and practically begged Ellen not to introduce birds to the show again.

She did bring back more bird guests and each time, the camera panned and revealed his empty platform.

That is one huge fear. As long as birds were around, he could not find any form of relief from his fear. As soon as the bird segments were over, however, he got that much needed anxiety relief and was able to continue his job.


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