The currency system

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Lineage 2M is a game with different currencies that you can exchange for Lineage 2M Diamonds other items. There are two basic types: gold coins you can earn through playing the game and diamonds which are purchased with real money.

Additionally, there are special tokens that you can earn for accomplishing certain kinds of missions. They are awards of honor which you earn by completing clan-related tasks. You can then use them to purchase items at the clan merchant.

There are also oracle-related tokens. You earn these by doing special tasks for the goddess Einhasad. You can buy things from the priest using these tokens.

Final Thoughts

Lineage 2M plays a straightforward and simple game and mixes it with gorgeous cinematics and an easy-to-grasp story. It's not doing much to differentiate itself from other mobile games in similar genres, however it does come with some innovative mechanics. There's plenty of variety to weapons, characters, spells, and extras to keep things fresh. The auto-play function can be a boon for players who like to have their game going at the same time as taking care of other things.

However, if your person who wants more variety in terms of gameplay mechanics, and like to have greater control over the actions of your character You might want to avoid. You won't be doing much more than killing enemies, and it's tough to fully free yourself from the auto-play mechanism.

NCSOFT's cult MMORPG is based on the famous Lineage II franchise, Lineage2M has entered beta testing across 29 regions. West coast countries can enjoy Lineage2M until November 7th. If you'd prefer to participate in the game, you can join on the official website for buy Lineage 2M Diamonds the game.