Success Tips For Selling Your Car Or Vehicle on eBay

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The fact that over one million unique visitors come to eBay Motors each month makes them the logical place to list your vehicle and get it sold quick, not matter whether you are a dealer or selling your own car.

The fact that over one million unique visitors come to eBay Motors each month makes them the logical place to list your vehicle and get it sold quick, not matter whether you are a dealer or selling your own car.

Required Listing Details: There are a number of details you will need to record to include in the eBay listing before you go to list you vehicle. Here is an example of what you will need for the eBay listing (if it does not apply then you just leave it blank):

Manufacturer: Volkswagen

Registration Number (if currently registered): Unregistered

Model: Golf

Engine Size: 2.0 litre

Type: Hatchback

For Sale by: Private Seller

Doors: 5

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): WVWZZZ2HUBN6R

Date of Manufacture: 12/96

Type of Title: Clear (most titles)

Date of 1st Registration: 04/97

Engine Number: AGB129286

Colour: Blue

Metallic Paint: No

Registration Information: Unregistered

Factory/Aftermarket Warranty: None

Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive: Right-Hand Drive

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual with Cruise Control

Number of Previous Owners: 2

Fuel: Petrol

Kilometres: 137082

Previously Registered Overseas: NO

Condition: Used

Dealer License Number:

Options: Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Power-Assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks, Power Windows (All), and Window Tint

Safety Features: Back Seat Safety Belts, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Safety Belt Pre-Tensioners

Auction Running Time: The length of time to run your auction for is up to you but as a rule of thumb, I normally run them for 10 days starting on a Thursday at 8 pm. That way it will run through two weekends (best time for inspections) and end on Sunday evening at 8 pm (when most people are looking).

Vehicle History: Write a few short paragraphs describing what you know about the history of the vehicle. Are you the original owner? Has the car been in any accidents? If you have maintenance records let bidders know how regular it was serviced. Also let bidders know if you have replaced any parts, like tyres, gearbox or clutch and how long ago.

Vehicle Faults: Describe all faults (if any) in your description. If you don't, you can bet you will be pulled up on it later and may have to give a partial or full refund. Honesty is the best policy.

Vehicle Transportation: State clearly and prominently in your eBay auction listing how the vehicle will be transported once sold. Let them know it is pick-up only or they arrange their own courier and you are not responsible for delivery of the vehicle.

Vehicle Research: Before making a decision on what price to start your auction at and what reserve (if any) to apply to will pay you to do some online research to find out the current resell value of your vehicle. Research past eBay listings for cars similar to yours to get an idea about how much people are willing to pay and, check out some of the other online vehicle websites to gauge an approximate value.

The bottom line here is, what is the lowest price you are willing to take for the vehicle and, to start your auction at or set your reserve price at that price. That way if it does only sell for the reserve you set, you are not going to be disappointed.

Many people will advise you to start your auction at a ridiculously low price so as to create a bidding frenzy... this can happen but it is rare. What usually happens is some astute eBay arbitrator will buy it for a song and resell it for a profit.

Once a bid has been places on your auction (unless you have a reserve) you are in a binding contract and are obligated to sell the vehicle at the final bid price. Once the reserve has been meet you are also obligated to sell at the final bid price.

Do not bid on or get friends to bid on your auction to push the price up, it is called shrill bidding and is not allowed on eBay. Besides, what if you or your friend becomes the final bidder? You will still have to pay all the eBay fees.

Use Video In Your Auction Listing: Use video as well as photos in your eBay listing. If you can, create a video showing the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Get someone to start the vehicle so you can record how easily it starts, and how smoothly the engine runs.

You could even video someone driving it. Video will create excitement and anticipation in your prospective bidders adds the advantage of the prospective bidders, and install more confidence to place a bid or even arrange a viewing. There are many websites that offer video production features and many are very easy to use.

Contact Details: Some bidders in your local area may wish to inspect the vehicle prior to placing a bid and, it is important to encourage them to do so before placing a bid in your eBay auction listing. Give prospective bidders a phone number to contact you (adds more credibility) or ask them to contact you through the eBay messaging system, to arrange a suitable time to inspect the vehicle you have for sale on eBay.

DO NOT let them drive off in your vehicle for a test run without you in it (they may not come back).

DO NOT accept offers outside of eBay (unless you are selling in a classified ad) as you and they will no longer have any protection under the eBay system. Rather, encourage them to place a bid as it could inspire others to start bidding which could lead to a bidding war.

DO NOT hand over the vehicle until full payment has been made and funds are cleared into your account. It is not advisable to accept personal checks. Ask them to pay by PayPal (then you are both protected), by bank deposit, or in cash when the pick the vehicle up.

Bidders Questions: Answer all questions about the vehicle in a polite courteous manner even if the question may seem ridiculous to you (it could be genuine and it will install confidence in the prospective bidder)

Winning Bidder Contact: Contact the winning bidder immediately after the auction to congratulate them on their successful bid and discuss how and when they would like to arrange payment and pick up of the vehicle.

Contact the winning bidder again the day after they have taken delivery of the vehicle to make sure they are completely happy with the purchase. It will make them feel that you care about them and that they have made the right decision to purchase from you. It will also probably mean you will get glowing feedback.

Auction Watchers: You will always get lots of watchers of eBay car and vehicle auctions but don't get too excited as many are just that (watchers), Either that, or they have a similar vehicle they have been thinking about selling and are just wondering what sort of price they might get.

eBay Fees: Selling your car or vehicle by auction on eBay Australia will incur insertion fees and a final valuation fee and they are as follows:

Insertion Fees

AU$8.00 Insertion fee for cars AU$5,000 and below

AU$10.00 Insertion fee for cars AU$5,000.01 and above

AU$5.00 for motorcycles (fixed)

AU$8.00 for other vehicles (fixed)

AU$10.00 Reserve Price Fee if you wish to place a reserve price on your vehicle auction listing. This fee is refunded if your vehicle sells.

Final Valuation Fee (only paid if the vehicle is sold)

AU$35.00 (fixed) for cars AU$5,000 and below

AU$40.00 (fixed) for cars AU$5,000.01 and above

AU$40.00 (fixed) for motorcycles and other vehicles

Classified Ads: You can also sell your vehicle as a fixed price classified ad.

AU$19.99 (for 28-days) Cars, Motorcycles, and Other Vehicles Classified Ad