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Do do as much research about the seller or artist as you can.

 Do do as much research about the seller or artist as you can. nationallabout nation all about Website nation all about com personalityrightsdatabase personality rights database 

 Looks can be deceiving particularly in the world of art. Art fraud has been an issue of great interest in recent years.

 Conned art collectors can make thousands, or even millions of dollars.

 It is best to buy art from a reputable gallery or auction house in order to reduce the risk. However, even the most well-respected galleries have been swindled by unscrupulous sellers.

 Some professional organizations like the Art Dealers Association of America insist that you comply with certain ethical standards in order for them to function.

 They usually offer a relative security margin for memberships and dealers or galleries.

 Don't forget to do your research and watch out for red flags.

 artwork in question.

Collectors: What do you do if your art arrives damaged?

  After waiting patiently on the list and negotiating the price, you finally agreed and finally closed the deal on an art work from an artist you have admired for a long time. You're done waiting.

 What happens if an art work arrives at your house with a hole in its crate?

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 The end of an artwork bought from a gallery not the end of the story. Once the artwork is taken from the artist's workshop to the gallery, it is returned to its original location.