COVID-19 vaccines are being administered “as quickly as humanly possible,” White House coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt

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Andy Slavitt said during Monday’s press briefing. About 3 million Americans are now being vaccinated daily, a rate that is more than triple that of Trump’s final week in office

A new boom in the United States could undermine Biden's efforts to return the country to a semblance of pre-pandemic reality in the coming months. He promised the Americans that they could have a regular vacation on the Fourth of July. This goal appears achievable, and perhaps somewhat modest. However, it is not destined.

In the absence of faster vaccines, the Biden administration has few other tools left over, other than the well-known advice to wear masks and practice social distancing. This has led to senior officials making personal appeals seeking to infiltrate ordinary people who may be tired of official advice and warnings from politicians.

Upon acknowledging her concerns on Monday, Walinsky said she would lose the text and begin to speak emotionally as a doctor and, in her words, "as a wife, mother and daughter." Last week, Walinsky spoke in similar personal terms about her son's finally returning to school.