Top Health Benefits of Stand Up Desk

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Standing increases blood flow to the brain, and changing positions between sitting and standing every few hours is obviously stimulating. These

Work can be incredibly dull when everything becomes routine. You go to work, sit at your desk, do your job, and go home at the end of the day. More often than not, you’d rather have a more exciting time elsewhere than to be in your office working, but you also have to earn to make a living. Luckily, there are ways in which you can change things up. Change the way you dress, add some color to your desk, or even start using an adjustable desk riser. Standing desks are rising in popularity nowadays, and there are loads of benefits into using them. Here are that you might want to know if you’re considering getting one

Minimizes Back and Neck Pain

There’s a common experience of neck and back pain in people who spend most of their time sitting. Other risks that come along are migraines, poor blood circulation, or even jaw pain.

With conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, long hours of sitting can worsen their state.

In an NIH study, people who used this height-adjustable desk experienced reduced back pain significantly.

promotes employee health.

Sitting for extended periods of time contributes to one’s chances of developing cancer, heart disease, and generally poor health. It is also one of the primary factors in repetitive-motion stress injuries and poor posture. Sick and injured workers miss days and are generally expensive, especially in a new business in which you rely on everyone’s ability to cover as necessary. Safeguarding your team members’ health is investing in your company’s reliability.

improves blood flow and increases efficiency.

Standing increases blood flow to the brain, and changing positions between sitting and standing every few hours is obviously stimulating. These advantages lead to more efficient employees. Research has also shown that people who work while standing experience increased energy and focus, and feel less distracted. When you are placing higher demands on team members anyway because of the unique needs of a small business, you and your employees will appreciate the efficiency and benefits of these advantages even more. Give your employees the choice to sit or stand during long hours of working in an office environment.

Making office decisions to protect employees shows them you want your workflow and culture to be built around giving back to them.

Simple investments like an adjustable height desk may not even cost you extra money, although they do carry the price of learning to do something differently. But they show employees that you want to integrate their needs and well being into your decisions, even in cases where it may not explicitly benefit you. This engenders valuable goodwill from employees.

improve your mood productivity levels.

There is seemingly a positive influence in using this desk in your energy and motivation towards work.

According to a 7-week study, people who used the height-adjustable desks appeared to have less fatigue and stress than those who worked sitting all through.

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