Are 'For Home Use' Carpet Shampooers a Good Buy?

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Do you have a carpet shampooer on your Christmas list? Would you like to refresh the look and smell of your room anytime you'd like? A carpet shampooer can seem like the best fit for your desires. However, they haven't got the best reputation over the years. In fact, most carpet cleaning companies discourage customers from using them. But why? What's so bad about store-bought carpet cleaners?


The Problem With Carpet Shampooers

The real problem with carpet shampooers is that they leave behind a great deal of moisture. These machines put down quite a bit of water as their cleaning. If you don't take the time to extract most of the water, you could be leaving behind more water than you think. This water will fit in your carpet fibers, causing unwanted smells and mildew to form. Carpet shampooers also require certain chemicals, and if you don't extract them all the way, you could have sticky carpets.


What Makes Them So Attractive?

Carpet shampooers are attractive because you can clean your carpet at any time. Let's say your child makes a mess on the floor, and you don't want to have the entire room cleaned. That is understandable. Spot cleaning with a carpet shampooer is what they were mostly intended for. Carpet shampooers are also more affordable. You can purchase a decent unit for under $200. When combined with the fact you can carpet shampoo anytime you want, it becomes quite alluring.


Are They Really A Good Deal?

They may seem like a great deal especially compared to professional carpet cleaning companies, but underneath it all, they aren't. They can achieve the same level of cleanness and oftentimes are harmful to your carpet. So while you might be spending less on equipment than the charge of professional steam cleaning, the results just aren’t there. You’ll also have to purchase the special cleaning detergents for the shampooer—which aren’t cheap. Failure to use the right products could void your warranty. The wrong chemicals could also affect the performance of the machine.


Why You Need A Professional Steam Cleaning Service

Steam cleaning is the safest choice for getting rid of stains on your carpet. It doesn't leave behind a great deal of moisture and can be concentrated in areas that are heavily stained. With Auckland carpet cleaning, you'll find that your carpets are revived, unwanted smells are eliminated, and you don't have to lift a finger to get any results.