RuneScape - It is recommended to use two days' limit

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Yews are the best option for XP. They can give up to 43750 XP for runescape 2007 gold woodcutting per day, boostable through Lumberjack, Wisdom, Clan Avatars, and Bonus XP. The XP rate of divine yews in virtual is greater than 400kxp per hour. It is possible to stay for only one hour or so and therefore virtual is the most appropriate description.

It is recommended to use two days' limit at once in order to visit Divine places. Otherwise your daily limit won't be reset once you log off. It is recommended to do Divine locations once every two days. Additionally, you should not utilize both days' limits at one time.

Log in to World 48 or 2, 5 minutes prior to the daily reset, activate Wisdom If you're able to and begin collecting resources to meet the first limit of your daily. Once you cap, exit to lobby, then log in, and fill the second limit of your daily. SoE3 is the quickchat code which allows you to see your limit. This is a typical scene from World 48 during the daily restart. Expect lots of delay.

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