WoW TBC Classic modified the GCD time function

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Blizzard's developers announced a patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Not every player will like this change. After modification, the global cooldown (GCD) can no longer be pressed for less than one second.

In the previous version, players who chose magician as their profession would like the GCD function very much. Because through Mind Leap Gems or other sources of magical speed, you can reduce the global cooldown to less than 1 second. This allows you to use a large number of spells in a short time as time allows.

Especially in PvP, almost no one can withstand such explosive damage. For this reason, many players will go to and choose Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold to strengthen their equipment. But in the raid instance, the player will use it again and again. Especially in the sprint phase of the statement.

According to the original technical staff, the reason for this rapidity is due to the existing bugs in the original code of patch 2.4. This mistake created a beautiful misunderstanding. Blizzard designers immediately corrected the error after discovering the problem.

The purpose of this patch is to align the behavior of GCD with Burning Crusade version 2.4.0. After fixing this loophole, the rules are fair to all players. Players who choose Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold can also play the greatest role under the condition of equal rules. And the intent of the original game also does not force the spell acceleration to reduce the GCD to less than 1.0 seconds.