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Computer is a friend of humanity nowadays. You, probably, thought so before you got an assignment to write a descriptive essay essay on computers. Well, now you need to sit down and write all the ideas you have… Sounds boring? Then consider our help and our ideas – may be, you can use

Computer is a friend of humanity nowadays. You, probably, thought so before you got an assignment to write a descriptive essay essay on computers. Well, now you need to sit down and write all the ideas you have… Sounds boring? Then consider our help and our ideas – may be, you can use them!





1. Computer through the History.



It is hard to say, what was the earliest computer, may be, because the term “computer” has different meanings. You can even say, that abacus was the first human-operated machine of this type. But more commonly, computer is considered to be a 20th century invention. Write about this in you essay on computers – tell, what changes did the computer go through before it finally got its present look?



2. Computer Influence.



Computers now occupy their certain place in our lives. Vast majority of people use them at work, or at home, or both. Is it good or bad? Do the computers have positive or negative influence on our lives? Give good arguments and explanations on this matter, when writing your essay on computers.



3. Notebooks vs. Computers



Desktop computer is something that can be used only at home or library, or any other certain place. Notebook is designed for those, who travel a lot, or who are in a constant hurry because of their work. Compare these types of computers in the essay and find out the weak and strong sides of each one of them.



Another important essay writer free topic, connected with the computers is brain drain. It is large emigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge, usually due to some conflict or money issues. This problem can be as well discussed in you essay on computers.









The reasons of an interest in technology and specifically in IT-technologies and Internet free essay writer, originated in childhood. First it was childish curiosity about how different things work and what makes them work, that later turned into a deeper interest in computers and sciences at high school.



Playing different constructors and making simple things from wood and metal I learnt a lot of things but the future interest in technology and engineering was inspired basically by my Dad, who paid a lot of care and participated in forming of my interests. He was one who persuaded me that knowledge and education are essential and that there is always enough space for learning and developing for everyone. His personal example was one that gave me a thirst for knowledge and for reading books.



We watched the educative channels as “Discovery” together and later discussed technological or engineering achievements shown, phenomena or experiments described. My Dad was always my supporter and partner in my education and interests. Since childhood I was always trying to convince in things I’ve read and made different experiments.





Being an engineer, my Dad started his own computer business, which is now very successful. Seeing him working and always learning about a dynamic and constantly changing world of computer technologies, I understood that I’ll follow his example in choosing my future career. The personality of my Dad had a big influence on me. He was one who not only took care about me, but one who taught and explained on his personal example how knowledge, persistence and hard-work can prompt one to a real success in his career and will give a real satisfaction from things you do, which is very important. He taught me to reason independently, always analyze everything that is taking place, and be responsible for my actions. This up-bringing formed my own individual system of values, firmed my character, will and educational habits.



Always attentive and enthusiastic my dad encouraged and shared all my interests when I was a child and later at high school. He always somehow helped me in my hobbies and explained a lot of things. More over, I got an idea about self education and interest in world around us from him.



From the time of remarkable penetration of computers in our life, and particularly my life, I was amazed by the unique and countless opportunities it had. This interest was growing with time and later turned into internet-based business, that I run now (an internet shopping mall). The choice of my future career in information sciences, is well deliberated and has a strong soil of my goals and personal concepts about my career. And, as I said before, I have a very good example of a person related to it and one who can not imagine a remarkable part of his life without computers, because this work gives him satisfaction, pleasure and constant interest. And it’s my Dad.




Computers in School



Computers in School



The decision to include computer and internet sciences essay writer into my life long career was not sudden, but one, well thought about and that has a supportive background of interests in computers since school.



As years passed the interest didn’t disappear, but grew and as a result it turned in into the main educational and career goal. It is no need to describe the role and value of the computer as a instrument in many branches of the professional and personal activity of people, it’s just enough to say that the perspectives of this technology are very promising and my decision to work in this sphere is very deliberate. The horizons that computer technologies open to the application in different branches of activity are really great and they not only improve and make work more effective but with the help of them it’s possible to analyze and find new optimal methods of solving different types of problems and forecasting many events.



I’m sure that education I’ll get studying information and computer sciences will later turn into a fruitful and successful work as I’m planning to work in the sphere of internet related technologies. As the reality shows more and more businesses goes into internet and the number of businesses that are run with the help of internet increases rapidly. Because of the opportunities that interactive environment gives the efficiency of such businesses is often greater than of those managed and run by typical methods. Internet technologies open a world of opportunities for IT-specialists and new methods of informational management are widely introduced now, so the need and perspectives of such career are obvious.



I’m sure that Syracuse University programs in information sciences and technologies will greatly assist me in my educational goals. I’m planning to apply to Syracuse University School of information study and get a degree in information sciences. I’m planning to get both good computer and math education, because professional computer knowledge can not be full without good math preparation, and math background is an integral part of computer programming. Math classes mostly teach to make the most effective and optimal decisions, to reason logically and laconically, and to make the most effective and simple software. That’s why on the hand with networking, programming, animation and web-design classes, I’m planning to study not only general math courses but also applied math courses, math and computer modeling and other computer and information related disciplines.



I’m sure that only such scholarship essay education will be full and will give a good preparation for effective professional activity as an IT- specialist and the programs of Syracuse university will pave the way for further knowledge and professional excellence.






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