Runescape Skiller Guide

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There is now an option to RuneScape gold train Farming similarily into most other abilities (repeatedly clicking), known as the Livid Farm. So... What is your opinion on Farming?

Runescape Skiller Guide

F2p Skiller Guide, Hey men names Matamurem and I've brought you a guide I made for a few abilities that F2P people can do! The rest of the skills will be placed in as well as two or three members abilities when I could get membership. Constructive Critisism is VERY desired...

Woodcutting. 1-15 Normal Logs. 30-99 Willow Logs or can discontinue at 60 for Yews but beware of the mass swarm of botters. Fishing. 1-25 Shrimps. 25-40 Salmon/Trout. 40-50 Lobsters (More if you want cash you may go to 99). 1-22 Airs. 22-55 Waters. 55-99 Airs (At 99 you will make 11 Airs per essence so 308 airs a load without the excess from every level up). Mining. 1-15 Coppor/Tin. 15-99 Iron. 1-18 Bronze Daggers. 35-88 Steel Hatchets. Money Making (Skills).Fishing 45+ Fish lobs till you get just as any as wanted. For every 8k is 1million gold therefore 32k lobs is recommended to make 4m. Smithing 88+ Rune Med Helms. Will cost about 100 million gold but you will make about half back in the event that you operate to OSRS buy gold. Med Helms market for 11.4k if the cost flucuates. Platebodies will cost you same amount as Med Helms and sell for 39.5k BUT need 99 to create.