Darnell Savage and Quinnen Williams have appeared for MUT Wildcard Wednesday

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Every Wildcard Wednesday will bring players brand new player card promotions. In Wildcard last Wednesday, two rising stars appeared with Madden 21 Rising Stars promotion. The two players are Quinnen Williams, who is good at offense, who is from the New York Jets and Darnell Savage, who is good at defense, and who is from Green Bay Packers. They are all rated 95 and have also upgraded the ultimate team item. Players had better prepare an enormous amount of MUT 21 Coins now.

Quinnen Williams is a prototype running gear suitable for the right end position. It rates all his attributes above 90. Prior to this event, his player card rating has been at 77. This time, thanks to the new Rising Stars Madden 21 Coins, the new 95-rated player card has become one of the top players in Madden 21. Darnell Savage, who is good at defense, has a rating of 95 for speed, acceleration, and area coverage. In addition, Savage has a strong mobile rating of up to 94, a tracking rating of up to 93, and a match recognition rating of up to 90. His previous best result was 78 OVR superstar MVPs.

The new Madden 21 Rising Stars player card is currently available for purchase in the Madden store. The training cost per package is 6,000, and there are 89 OVR or better Rising Stars players inside. They are offered with other recent promotions on Wildcard Wednesday. These other kits include Flashback, Heavyweights and Veterans, all of these kits have witnessed different players on the Wildcard on Wednesday. Last week, it was a flashback between Jimmy Garopollo and Blake Martinez among the five players who received promotion cards in the Ultimate Team. Another way to gain specific MUT 21 Coins is through the auction house.

After it publishes the two cards in Ultimate Team, they should pop up on the list. So far, the price is unclear. In short, it is always good for players to prepare more Madden Coins. It would be a pity if players cannot afford to pay after the prices of these players announce. So they can go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins to make a good plan. Go ahead!