Madden 22 Ultimate Kickoff House Rules Guide

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Ultimate Kickoff House Rules comes back to Madden 22 with Tug-of-War!

House Rules just made its first appearance in MUT 22 today with Tug-of-War! It is an online-H2H game mode with unique rules and quick games. Battle on quick, conditioned matches against other players to get amazing rewards such as NFL 22 coins, better player cards, and items from the Ultimate Kickoff program.

First things first, make sure to have already downloaded the latest roster update as some players' ratings were changed based on last week's NFL results. Once you put that out of the way, it is time to enter the newest challenge of Madden Ultimate Team: Tug-of-War.

Push and pull your way to victory in Tug-of-War! You'll have ten offensive plays each, alternating back and forth, to be the farthest downfield at the end. Scoring a touchdown results in an instant win.

Focus solely on yourself to get as many wins as you can to get an Ultimate Kickoff item. Also, the rewards are earned based on the number of wins of each player and can be redeemed according to the following list:

5 Wins: 76+ UK Gold or better player
10 Wins: 5,000 Mut Coins Madden 22
15 Wins: 76+ UK Gold or better player
20 Wins: 5,000 Mut Coins Madden 22
25 Wins: 88 OVR NCAT Ultimate Kickoff Hero Fantasy Pack
30 Wins: 76+ UK Gold or better player
35 Wins: 5,000 Mut Coins Madden 22
40 Wins: 2x 76+ UK Gold or better players
45 Wins: 10,000 Mut Coins Madden 22
50 Wins: 82+ UK Elite player

If you happen to lose, no worries, just hop back in and start a new game. What other things that you wish to know? Sound off in the comments below!