EVE Echoes Guide&Tips for Beginners in 2020

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Eve echoes is over 10000 times bigger than any other mobile game on the market. It has stunning graphics as you travel through solar systems

Eve echoes is over 10000 times bigger than any other mobile game on the market. It has stunning graphics as you travel through solar systems, complex strategies as you level up your skills, dynamic solo and co-op challenges battling space pirates and outrageous PvP battles to claim solar systems as your territory.


Learning how to play Eve Echoes is pretty tough. Sure, it has a comprehensive tutorial system, but even then, Eve is a complex game. So here’s some Eve Echoes tips to help you play:

Tutorial: the tutorial system is there for a reason, and provides a great intro to Eve Echoes. The first thing you should do is work methodically through the beginner tutorials, at least, then make your way onto whichever career path you want to pursue

Sidebar: the eye symbol on the right side opens into a bar which allows you to locate and travel to anywhere you need

Market: this is where you sell and buy equipment for ISK. You can place sell orders for a small price. Before you buy equipment, make sure that you can use it by pressing on its name for stats. Also, be aware that you might have to travel to collect it at another station

Power capacitor: every ship has a power capacitor, and everything you equip uses power. When buying equipment, make sure to check you have an adequate power capacitor – this means no missile launchers at the start of the game! A slightly emptier power capacitor also gives you a bit more breathing room, so you don’t run out of power in combat

Pirates: when starting out, heading to anomalies is a good way to earn quick, instant ISK, and helps you buy a new ship faster. Head to small anomalies first, then scout, then medium, then bases. Also don’t worry if you don’t get your bounty ISK straight away, as it appears in your account when you are back in a safe location

Skills: time is XP, as they say, so make sure to click on the skills section, and always have a skill training in the background. You can increase the speed you train and level by purchasing the basic Omega Clone

Encounters: if you want to pursue more narrative-based missions the encounters section gives you a list of available opportunities

PvP: if you want to fight other players, it’s a good idea to head to null sec, but it’s inadvisable to do this until you have a decent ship and even a backup ship, as there’s every chance you could lose your stuff

Loot: always remember to loot the ships you destroy, as it’s a good way to get free equipment. Tap to open the right sidebar and open the loot tab to see what has dropped post-battle


We love Eve Echoes drones, they are just like pets you can keep in your ship, except they each carry a deadly arsenal of weaponry. Here’s how you use them:

First, you need a ship with a drone hangar – frigates like the Tristan, or industrial ships such as the Venture Trainer are great early game options

Second, buy some drones. A drone should set you back between 10-15 ISK. The Tristan can equip and use two, and the Venture Trainer can hold four, but only use one at a time. You can view your drone hangar in the mid slots of your ship

Third, have fun! Each drone has a special damage output, and, best of all, they don’t draw from your ship’s power capacitor, meaning they are basically free weapons – great, eh? Simply tap the icon when out in space to deploy the drones, but be aware they have a combat range of 20km, so using a missile launcher might negate their usefulness


The Eve Echoes star map is vast, and a little overwhelming, but here are some tips on how to use it:

Tap on your character icon, and select the star charts icon

This opens a map of New Eden. Tap regions to select them, then tap region map to view them

You can also change the overlay by tapping the pie circle in the bottom left, changing the view to reflect region security levels, number of stations, and interstellar trading centres

If you want to travel to a specific solar system in a region, tap it, set it as a destination, then sit back as your autopilot plots a course

You can also avoid specific systems in the same menu, which will make your autopilot re-route you when your travel path coincides with that particular system

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