The tomb system makes it pretty hard to lose items nowadays

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The tomb system makes it pretty hard to lose items nowadays

Getting to lv60 strength requires less time than 75/80/90 assault so you can begin PKing quicker, and mauls are extremely cheap to OSRS gold replace if you lose it upon death. Power pures have access to the powerful Berserk capability, but will need to invest in a couple of attack levels in order to use some of the useful Attack abilities in eoc, and completely lack a distinctive attack in Legacy. Defence levels could be wholly ignored in heritage, but in eoc that the Freedom ability is essential.

Leaf does make a fantastic point, if dual Ascensions are better than Nox and worth roughly the same price there is no reason for you to not receive them instead. Unless of course you plan to do warbands using the Nox in the future, but that's basically asking for a catastrophe to take place. No offense to you but much more experienced PvPers have lost their Nox bows similar weapons due to mishaps (forgetting to recharge Prayer and having it drop while they are stunned etc) or due to smite users. Not to mention you'll become camped hardcore by waves of welfarers hoping to triple their lender that will increase the odds of you dropping it and make warbands overall unenjoyable.

Ahead of the preceding bxp weekend was declared Nox Bow was sort of steady, worth a good 320M. After the announcement it started crashing a lot and ended up falling as low as 220M (if I remember it correctly ). It then went back to 300-320Mish. Could be something similar what's happening here, it is very possible it is going to return again. It's not guaranteed however, these items are certain to continue crashing thanks to more getting added to the game everyday.

The tomb system makes it pretty hard to lose items nowadays, and also the new system being implemented will ensure it is impossible, therefore it is reasonable to assume it'll continue crashing. That is life to get a RuneScape participant, you either buy the excellent items when they are worth heaps and love them (and end up losing money in the long run) or wait for eons for them to crash and purchase them very cheap when they're no longer a novelty. Do you understand how much they are worth now? Wand isn't even 20M. I suppose it buy RS gold helps having better wands available now, but even before Seismic premiered Virtus was slowly but steadily climbing.