Animal Crossing: The first comic officially released by New Horizons.

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The past of Animal Crossing has always involved the two worlds of animation and manga. Regardless of which side, the impact is huge. Recently, the latest version of the Nintendo series has given us a new understanding of unique games through the new vision of Nintendo Switch. At present, Animal Crossing: New Vision's latest series has officially landed in North America.

Now, the comic series released by Viz Media brings a new version of new horizons to North America. The news has been confirmed. This news has a great impact on novice players. How a novice player can become familiar with the game in the shortest time. I will go to the ACBellsBuy website to learn how to choose Buy Animal Crossing Items. This is the fastest shortcut to familiarize yourself with the game. Many media are vying to be the first to report a news event.
News has been reported, and although there is no news about the next episode of the series, fans are still checking the islands they created in the New Horizons New World every day. Slider and countless other players have built their environment tools.

Anime fans themselves have used the environment of Animal Crossing to pay tribute to many anime franchises and creators. Players will choose Buy Animal Crossing Items to create their miracle island. Although there has never been a formal crossover between these anime attributes and the stupid characters of the Nintendo series. But Animal Crossing allows fans to create any crossover they want.

Animal Crossing first landed on Nintendo 64 in 2001 and produced many sequels spanning multiple consoles. There is no doubt that franchising will continue to be an important part of Nintendo's future lineup. Will you pick this latest manga series from the popular world of Nintendo?