The Ministry of the Interior also participates in the war! Skaro stills become a burst of fascinating, Wu Yiren, Taiwan

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The public seek flagship Skaro is quite flaming in the near future, and even the online script Members based on the episode is now, and now it has produced a fascination. A male watching, a woman who was Skaro close-up actor Wu Yin (playing water) was u

The public seek flagship Skaro has recently been quite flaming, and even the online script Members based on the episode, now actually produces Members .

A male watching, a Skaro close-up actor Wu Yiben (playing the water) in the face book fans. Wu Yutang was huddled in the picture, ready to be dragged, and he is not willing to write on his face.

This should be a normal stills, but it is excavated with the potential, and all major netizens began to play tiger creations in the message area, even other fans page.

Some people use children to be forced to feed the situation, and some netizens P on one with chopsticks, with the hand of the chopsticks, with the expression of Wu Hantong, convey yourself how to hate the coriander. I don't want to make a break, I can see it everywhere when the soldiers don't want to leave.

Some daily life of the stalks, even the purchase of PS5 is to tie the last survivor 2 is brought to play.

I thought that netizens had almost gone, I didn't expect the Ministry of the Interior, and the hand-painted versions of the stills plus some words, in a funny way to remind the people, don't be cheated because of fraud.

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When I saw this, I would like to have a desperate US Captain in the elevator being encircled. The last scene is fixed, and the face expression is also very embarrassed, and there is a good idea with Wu Yiren full of sadness, and unable to break free.

If there is no life, there is a fascination of the Skaro drama in the Skaro drama, making the version of the American captain's fascinating, not lost the original version, so that the descending boundary once again scraped a new cyclone.