Ranking of the best PvP Healers in TBC Arena

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Resto Druid is the digital specification of the entire TBC Arena. For new players, TBC Classic Buy Gold can help them improve their level faster. Restoring Druids has many benefits for Arena healing, such as healing over time, instant casting, and anti polymorph in their forms.

Because of this, the recovery druid does not have traps like other healers, such as school lockouts. Because of these three factors, they are often very versatile and can be used in multiple combinations and very effective treatments at the same time. Therefore, Resto Druid is the highest-ranked specialization in the TBC Arena ranking list.

The next best healer at TBC Arena is the Discipline Priest. Disc Priest received more rewards in TBC, such as their pain suppression can be used for party members. By default, Disc Priest has one of the best external cooldowns in the game, which can keep someone alive during the outbreak.

In addition, the Disc Priest has two schools of spells that use holy and shadow to heal and damage, so there is less downtime and can increase the hatred of DPS.

As for other healers, they often lack other useful practicalities or rely heavily on hard casts from the same school. Holy Paladin and Resto Shaman are very useful, which makes them usable in certain combinations, but in general, due to their weaknesses, they cannot be ranked so high in the TBC Arena rating list. Choosing to buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold For Sale on MMOSO is very useful to level up.