Players will find that Stranger Things 3 is being removed from Steam

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To tell you a piece of news, today you will find that Stranger Things 3: The Game will no longer be available for purchase on Steam because this game will be removed from Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store in August 31st. Players who own the game in any storefront before the removal will continue to have full access to it, but will no longer be available for purchase.

The developer BonusXP also expressed his gratitude to the fans on Steam. However, the reason for the delisting was not provided, but some people speculate that Netflix is ​​taking back control of its property to further realize its gaming ambitions. In May of this year, the company announced a new game development plan, and in July it consolidated this goal by hiring former Oculus content vice president Mike Verdu as vice president of game development. Netflix is ​​now testing "Stranger Things 3" and "Stranger Things: 1984" through its mobile app in Poland, which may not be a coincidence.

Netflix stated that Stranger Things games offered through its app will have no ads or in-app purchases and will be included in the Netflix membership. How or whether non-subscribers will be able to access the game is unclear. Steam users will choose it as a social platform, and then follow Fast Steam Level Service and Steam Level Booster.

This will be the second time that Stranger Things fans have lost game content this month: On August 16, Behaviour Interactive announced that the Stranger Things content in the asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight will be removed on November 17 and will be removed again. No reason for removal is provided. The Steam announcement was released on August 25, a day before Netflix announced its gaming application test.

It's not just games that are disappearing. The Stranger Things 3: Game Twitter account has been deleted. Update: The Epic store list of Stranger Things 3 does not include a delisting notice, but BonusXP confirmed that it will be removed from the sale on the same day. Anyone who purchased the game before deleting it will continue to access it.

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