New content for TBC Classic will be announced on August 31

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On August 31, part of the content has been announced.

After many days of waiting, the content of TBC Classic was finally released for the first time, and the content was very informative.

All content that was broadcast live when TBC was launched in its original form will be bound to the second phase of TBC, but will Buy TBC Classic Gold be omitted in Classic. In these contents, Tier 5 raids, new daily quests hubs, engineering goggles and other things will be available to players.

However, some of Blizzard's initial announcements will be abandoned in advance.

On August 31, part of the content has been announced. The contents of these announcements are:

The LFG tool will be allowed to be used in the game, and players can use this tool to ensure that they find the team before the two raids are released.
Guild Banks did not introduce some new features with the release of TBC Classic.

Perhaps because Engineering Goggles is too powerful in the game, it will be removed in the first stage of TBC Classic. In the second stage, although many players will not exchange classes for it, they are still one of the most useful items for many classes.

The Druid Swift Flight Form will be adjusted in WOW TBC Classic Gold the game. To unlock 280% of their flight form, Druids now only need to complete a task chain.

Arena Season 1 will enter the final week, and will enter the offseason after the end of this week.

TBC Classic is about to start, players are beginning to prepare for the strength of their characters. And MMOWTS can help you, here you can buy a large amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold, which can improve the player's strength in the game in a short time.