Three overrated Madden 21 players

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With a total score of 95, J.J. Watt is indeed a star player who is good at defensively, and one of the players who has performed very well in rugby in recent years. His performance in 2020 was not good, but EA still put it at a very high rating. And many other players have higher defensive efficiency than him but have not received a higher rating than him, which makes many Madden players feel he overrated. Players are not worthy to get him now with MUT 21 Coins. Someday his rating will drop.

Michael Thomas, who has an overall rating of 94, is currently playing for the New Orleans Saints. In the past few years, he has praised by fans as the best successor to the NFL with his outstanding performance. But his performance in the 2020-2021 season is not so satisfying. Because of his injury, he only took part in 7 games last season, and his data is still very low. When he played, he just didn’t play at his regular level. Terry McLaurin, Calvin Ridley and D.K. Metcalf are all ranked lower than him, but in the past season, these MUT 21 Coins have performed very well.

Christian McCaffrey, rated 98, and Nick Chubb, rated 96, are both excellent defenders. However, the former suffers from injuries all the time due to their weak body. Only when he is healthy can he play a performance Madden 21 Coins with the 98 rating. Although the latter is improving quick, his rating should not rise so fast. For example, Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook’s daily performance is obviously better than Nick Chubb, but his ratings are both lower than Chubb.

Players who already own these players should sell them in the auction house as soon as possible. Because once they depreciate, it will be a tremendous loss for the players and it will not increase the strength of the lineup so much. They can focus on players who are underestimated. Players can buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins on GameMS to prepare funds in advance to get those players who should have been highly rated.