How to find the best driving schools and instructors in Australia?

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Learning to drive any vehicle regardless of whether it's a car motorcycle, heavy-goods vehicle or a passenger vehicle could be among the most terrifying and nervous experience a person can undergo. It is also one of the most satisfying and relaxing. Anyone wanting to learn to drive n

Learning to drive any vehicle regardless of whether it's a car motorcycle, heavy-goods vehicle or a passenger vehicle could be among the most terrifying and nervous experience a person can undergo. It is also one of the most satisfying and relaxing. Anyone wanting to learn to drive needs to find the best driving school or instructor to meet the requirements of their students.

This is where the confusion and problems begin.

There are around 25,000 driving schools driving instructor blacktown and instructors within the AUSTRALIA, each one having distinct advantages and disadvantages. This article has been created to provide some basic guidelines and tips for potential driver learners in Australia. This article will aid them in choosing the most suitable instructor for their needs. It also includes tips and hints to help them get more value from their dollars through discounts and other special deals.

Before we begin to determine the best instructors and schools in the first place, we must look at the different ways learners can employ to successfully achieving their goal of getting a driving license. These include:

Driving instructors schools:

This is the best method to get started for future learners drivers. It allows them to take their time and can be cost-effective. The learner driver picks a professional driving instructor or school and begins lessons at scheduled times and dates. The learner driver begins to acquire all the knowledge and techniques over a set period of time which will enable them to pass both driving exams (theory and practical exams) and become a secure driver for life. If the learner driver wishes to work at their own pace and isn't confined by time restrictions, this route is ideal.

The Intensive/Crash Courses

A crash course which is what they are frequently referred to is a second option to learn the skills and techniques needed to pass the driving exams. This involves intensive tuition over a long period of time, typically 8-10 hours per day, and practical experience over a period between 7 and 10 days. This route is usually taken by learner drivers who are in a rush to complete their driving tests (maybe due to new employment requirements or for other reasons).

Family Friends Tuition

Although not as popular nowadays as the previous methods, learning how to drive a vehicle can also be taught by relatives members and friends. While this is not the most stress-inducing method of instruction because the student driver will be in the company of those they trust and know (and may be taught at no cost) However, it is most unwise option as it is highly likely that the novice driver will pick up bad driving habits from family and friends.

After we've discussed the different routes a learner driver could take to obtain their driver's license, it's time to talk about the essential things a novice driver must do to find the most suitable driving school or instructor. It is also recommended to consider all of the information listed below into consideration prior to when any cash is given to an instructor or a school!


The first thing that a new driver must be sure of is the expert qualifications which that instructor or school is holding. The ADI (Approved Driving Instruction) certificate issued by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) is an green badge visible on the windshield of the instructor's vehicle. It is recommended to verify with your instructor to confirm that they have this green badge before any cash is exchanged.


This is usually the first thing a learner is looking at when choosing an instructor or school but it's not the most important. The cost for an hour-long lesson in AUSTRALIA is about PS18 to PS25 depending on where you live and the instructor is. While cost is a major factor in the decision-making process, it's also worth looking at the value of your money. Some instructors will charge at the top end of the price , but include extras like a home theory test learning CD, progress journal as well as other valuable additions.

Discounts Promotions:

Learner drivers must be aware of discounts and offers that are that are available when selecting the best instructor or school. For example NUS student discounts etc. One of the most common discounts is the price reduction when you book block bookings for 10 or more classes. If an instructor is charging PS20 per 1 hour lesson and you block-book 10 lessons, you can save between 10% - 20 percent off the cost. You may also find discounts, such as the free first lesson or referral discount for family and friends, and 2-hour lesson discounts.


The professionality of the instructors of the school is another important factor to think about. This is how trustworthy and competent the school or instructor is. It can be difficult to tell this off immediately. But, it is important to check if the instructor or school has recent or brand new vehicles. Also, look for if they have dual-controls. Find out if instructors are able to meet your needs, for example, dropping you off at work or dropping off at home. Finally, make sure you inquire whether they have experience working in dealing with anxious students. You will save time and money by assessing the professionalism of the school or instructor first.

These suggestions and tips can reduce the risk of getting ripped off or choosing the wrong instructor and thus ensure that your experience as a driver is pleasant. We have made this checklist to assist those who are about to learn how to take the driving test. It will assist them to choose the right instructor or school and help ensure that they can pass their driving test in the most enjoyable and cost-effective manner.

1. Identify what approach you wish to take, do you require learning to drive quickly , or could you learn at your own pace.2. Analyze your needs in order to learn to drive on the smallest budget, or are you able to afford more flexibility?. Do you require learning at specific times such as during or after work hours or are you able to pick and choose your schedules, dates and times. It is also possible that you require an instructor that specializes in students with disabilities.
3. Do your research !...Find teachers or institutions which operate within your area only, and consult your friends and family for possible contact details. You can research instructors by searching on the Internet or directly calling them. Be sure to ask the appropriate questions, as mentioned above make sure the instructor answers all of your questions and provides the most value for your money.
4. Select the top five instructors or more schools that you have chosen in order of your preferences. This means, in the event that your first instructor doesn't meet your requirements prior to or following the booking of lessons, for whatever reason, you can choose another to rely on.
5. If you're looking to book lessons, take a few lessons first so you can determine if the instructor is right for you. If you're satisfied that you have found the right instructor for you and they meet your requirements, then you can block book lessons, but make sure they are professional and have complied with their end of the deal.
6. Don't be intimidated to ask questions. when something isn't right You can ask the instructor the reason and how they can correct it.