Steam Direct’s Epic Games Store is in beta

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In order to make it easier for developers to self-publish on the Epic Games Store, Epic Games is now testing a system. The new tool means that the store's library will "grow faster than ever before."

Currently, for a game to be approved and released on the Epic Game Store, you need to work directly with Epic at every step of the process. The system is similar to Steam Direct, allowing any developer to submit their games to Steam and publish on the platform, and charge a fee. This will cause Steam to increase the number of games released on the platform, but the quality of the games may get out of control.

Valve’s response was not to create a stricter approval process but to iterate filtering tools and algorithms to determine which games users saw first on the Steam storefront. Although it is not yet clear whether this means that the game will still be reviewed in detail before being allowed to go live. However, the blog post did not clearly state whether the game submission is charged. Steam generally charges $100.

There is also a list of prohibited content, which includes any "hate or discriminatory", pornographic, illegal material, and scams and malware that pretend to be games. Steam has similar rules, except Steam allows pornographic games as long as they don't depict real people. Steam has obviously become the first choice for many game manufacturers to choose to release games, which has also increased the number of Steam users, and it is also a mutual achievement. Steam users will choose it to act as a social platform, and then follow Fast Steam Level Service and Steam Level Booster.

Steam generally does not reject games based on quality or taste, except in extreme cases, for example, it deletes games that simulate school shootings. Epic’s self-publishing system is currently being introduced in internal testing to "stress test the toolset and improve it based on developer feedback while increasing the number of games and applications on the Epic Games Store." Anyone wishing to participate can fill out a form for consideration.

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