How to estimate Steam and console sales

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Most players have a question in their minds. According to the rhythm of the game before or when it is released, what financial expectations should I have for my game? In fact, we can base it on the performance of the game before or shortly after the release. One way is that we can combine pre-release information such as Steam wishlists with post-release information such as pricing, sales ratios, and "gross to net" ratios.

Here’s how you get Steam net income from your total Steam revenue. Here’s a comparison between week 1 and year 1 on Steam, and a survey on how Steam wishlists are converted into sales a week later. Steam has obviously become the first choice for many game manufacturers to choose to release games, which has also increased the number of Steam users, and it is also a mutual achievement. Steam users will choose it to act as a social platform, and then follow Fast Steam Level Service and Steam Level Booster.

GameDiscoverCo’s basic predictions. First of all, GameDiscoverCo has created a super simple Google spreadsheet for some of our regular customers and now shares it with you. Copy or save the spreadsheet for editing. You can change two things without editing the formula: the number of Steam wishlists at launch, and the global average price of your game, both in U.S. dollars.

From there, the spreadsheet makes a series of inferences: Steam sales for week 1 (and Steam sales for day 1 as a reward); Steam total and net income for week 1 (assuming your country does not impose 30 % Of taxes!); the first year net revenue of the host, the first-year total net revenue, then the 3 years of Steam revenue, the 3 years of host revenue, and the 3 years of total net revenue. So here is an example: a game with 10,000 Steam wishlists at the time of its release, in its first week with sales of 0.2 per wish list (so the first week’s sales are 2,000 copies) converted into three years The net income on the PC and console is $222,290.

So far, the biggest problem is "Sales in the first week compared to the published wish list", as we often mentioned-our data shows that the sales of each wish list may be as low as 0.03, and the highest can be Up to 1. Therefore, adjust the formula for various scenarios. In addition: this particular spreadsheet in Week 1: The income ratio for year 1 (we think it is 3 times) is a bit more conservative than our actual survey. The comparison between console revenue and PC is only twists and turns. But if you want to understand the possibilities super easily-here it is!

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