Something coming to WOW: TBC Classic in Phase 2

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Just like the classic original version released two years ago, the content of Burning Crusade will be released in different stages within a few months. With the arrival of the second phase of the TBC Classic, players expect everything they can to play.

Two new raids
Two new raids will arrive in TBC: Classics of the second phase of the game: Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. Buy TBC Classic Gold from MMOSO to prepare for Phase 2 quickly. These raids will be published to the Classic servers in their "pre-nerf" state, allowing players to experience their encounters as they did in the early days of The Burning Crusade 14 years ago.

New factions and open-world content
If you are used to the modern version of World of Warcraft, the first update after the expansion will usually bring a huge new area with a lot of new missions. In Burning Crusade, this is not the case. Instead, the only new open-world content that players can enjoy is the daily missions of two new factions: Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard.

The latter of these factions will reward players who reach the exalted reputation level with the iconic Nether Ray mount. Nether Ray is the best of the well-made mounts in the Burning Crusade and deserves a reputation in Phase Two.

PvP Season 2
With the arrival of the second phase of the TBC Classic, the second PvP season of the game is coming soon. The second season of TBC Classic PvP will introduce several radical changes to the game, but none are more common than PvP equipment changes.

The second phase will add Faction Battlegear to the equipment process, which is essentially a shortcut for new level 70 players to equip and prepare PvP content. To obtain the faction's Battlegear, the player must at least reach the respected reputation level of the particular faction.

In addition to these changes, players can also look forward to resetting the PvP ladder, and the number of arena points earned by players in the game will also increase. Equipment purchased with these arena points will also be reduced in price in the second phase.

At last, for players participating in Battlegrounds, the queuing system should be updated in the second stage. Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold with friends to play the game. Blizzard has been testing Battleground matches between members of the same faction to reduce the queue time on classic servers.