How To Write An English Dissertation Paper

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This article elaborately describes the procedures to write a successful English dissertation with the help of the prescribed procedures. From title to citation, everything has been described in the article.

Searching for English homework help to complete your classic English literature assignment? The task demands rigorous research, reading, and articulate planning to produce an extended piece of a unique writing.

If you are worrying, “Who can help me with my plagiarism free dissertation help?” Here’s an easy guide to help with your homework. 

  1. Choose a topic 

A dissertation paper is something that contributes something new to the discipline. To ensure a clear focus, formulate a research question and format your answer. Then, choose a topic as per your interest that would motivate you to write an engaging paper. 

  1. Outline the framework

After the preliminary research, start planning how you will approach the work. If you are apprehensive about your skill, contact an English homework help online. As per the instruction, use the topic as the central point to regulate your writing. While planning your key points, consider cultural, theoretical, and historical contexts to produce a substantial piece of work.  Also read: Essay homework help

  1. Write the Abstract

Abstract holds specific importance while writing a dissertation paper. Because, based on the abstract, your readers would comprehend what they can expect from the whole piece. Hence, you need to compose a solid abstract to make a good first impression before your professors. As per English homework help websites, here are some tips on what you should include in the abstract:

  • State your main topic and explain the aims and objectives;
  • Explain the methodology;
  • Give a summary of your findings/results and conclusion.
  1. Introduction

The introductory paragraph mentions the research problem and the probable solution that the readers can expect from your paper. You also need to mention the existing research and show how your topic is relevant by identifying the gap in the literature. Finally, discuss the purpose of your study. Dissertation papers are usually 300-500 pages long, so try to make your introduction exciting to keep your readers engaged till the end of the work. 

  1. Literature Review

The researchers do a literature review to examine the existing works, find out the gap, and exhibit their awareness of the loopholes. By literature review, you will present how you will fill that gap and show the relevancy of your paper. So, try to critically evaluate and analyze each source and establish connections between them. Then, write this chapter as a logical discussion.

  1. Discuss the methodology

In methodology, discuss both the qualitative and quantitative methods. Describe precisely how you have conducted the research and why you have chosen these methods. Provide specific details. If you had to face any obstacle, include that as well. You have to journal it in such a way so that other researchers following your method can reach the same destination. 

  1. Mention the Result

Give a detailed interpretation of what you have found. Finally, mention the limitations of your study that may have affected the results.

  1. Conclusion Citation

Your conclusion should be the final answer to the main research question. So give a critical and analytical answer that will wrap up the paper. Usually, MLA or Chicago styles are used for English research papers. Cite as per your department’s preferred referencing style. Make a list of all cited sources to create a bibliography. 

Follow the steps, edit and proofread to produce an impeccable English dissertation paper. Relevant reference: How to figure out your GPA