11 Most Common Mistakes That Students Commit in Their Essays

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Essay writing is a grueling task and not all students write a custom essay. Experts have highlighted the most common essay writing mistakes that will help you to improve your essays.

Writing an academic essay is the most compulsory part of the educational journey. Learning to craft an impressive essay may be one of the greatest skills you gain during your academic life.

Most students, however, get stuck with writing an effective essay and commit many errors. Therefore, they seek professional essay writing service from the internet to get their essay done.


While you cannot avoid writing an essay, but you can avoid committing these common mistakes:


  • Skipping to write the outline


There is no doubt that the trickiest part of writing an essay is to start to write. Some shreds of research have shown that students do not spend proper time planning and writing an outline. 

Without a clear outline, you might find that by the time you get to the end of the paper, the thesis statement that you have written in the introductory section has changed.

Accordingly, you need to think critically before you even start to write your essay. 


  • Writing a lengthy introduction


Most students have the habit of writing their essays by highlighting that their paper has interested philosophers and scientists for centuries.

If you want to write a custom essay, then you should stop doing this because it makes a bad impression on your reader. 

The introduction of an essay is not similar to the introduction of the article. Hence, you should avoid a chatty tone. All you need to do is to explain your topic concisely and state your thesis statement.


  • Choosing a thesis that is broader in sense


Let’s consider an example to start, “In this essay, I will argue that how nurture is more significant than the nature”

The above-mentioned thesis statement takes a massive debate. Even if, instead of 1500 words, you had 8000 words, you would fail to scrape this thesis statement. You have to make sure that the scope of a thesis statement should be small because it will help you to write a more engaging essay. 


  • Sitting on the fence


Sitting on the fence in your academic essay means that you do not have proper knowledge of the topic to design the central ideas. You have to provide proper shreds of evidence and logical reasoning in your essay.

So, you have to take a solid stance based on the analysis of all the arguments that you have presented.


  • Mentioning multiple arguments


This is also one of the blunders that students make in their essays. Just imagine that you have a word limit of 1200 words. This means that you have to present only two arguments in your paper. 

Many students think that presenting 4-5 arguments will make their position stronger in their essays. The truth is that these sorts of mistakes lead your essay towards failure.

Moreover, it is very hard to manage 4-5 arguments in 1500 words. 


  • Lack of references


While some students present a bulk of quotations in their essays, others skip this step. In order to overcome these mistakes, you have to write a few quotations to support your claim. 

You should cite all the sources that you used. 


  • Instead of showing, you focus on stating the facts


When you are explaining that the position you are discussing is wrong, you need to showcase your claim and provide evidence. 

You have to explain to your reader why the position you are discussing is the wrong one. 


  • Making your reader work too hard to understand the concepts


Keep one thing in mind that you should not make your reader work hard in comprehending the core concepts of your essay. You will only score the marks for what you write on the page. 

It would be best if you write according to the class of your reader.


  • Writing in informal and non-academic language


In order to write a compelling academic essay, you have to avoid using colloquial vocabulary. In simple words, you should write your essay in a formal tone and language. 


  • Adding new things in the conclusion


A good conclusion brings together the outcomes of your essay. In other words, it is a mirror of the introductory section. Most students put further reasons to agree with their main thesis statement.

You do not need to be too bold in this section. All you need is to summarise all the key facts of your essay in this portion.


  • Underestimating the significance of proofreading


It is quite easy to miss the proofreading step if you are working with a close deadline but it is considered the most important stage of the writing phase.

You have to remove all the typos, grammatical mistakes, and vague sentences.